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HuddleSHOT EasyMIC Adapter

HuddleSHOT EasyMIC Adapter

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Audio adapter for the EasyMIC port on the HuddleSHOT.

Key Features

  • Use HuddleSHOT speakers with your conference room display
  • Bring robust audio to your conference room;
  • Plug and play simplicity

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HuddleSHOT EasyMIC Adapter

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Key Features

If you want to add robust audio to your conference room’s display monitor, the HuddleSHOT all-in-one conferencing camera is the solution. Simply connect this adapter’s RJ-45 end to the EasyMIC port on the back of the HuddleSHOT camera, and connect a 3.5mm stereo cable to the other end from the audio output of your conference room display. This allows you to use HuddleSHOT’s robust speakers with your display – even when you’re not in a USB video conference call.

Please note: using this adapter removes the ability to connect an EasyMIC microphone (TableMIC or CeilingMIC) to the HuddleSHOT. However, you will still be able to use the two internal microphones located near the camera lens.





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