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Hungry for AV Knowledge? Check Out AV University!

Posted on 6/16/2020 7:00:00 PM by Legrand AV Team

As technology becomes the connective fiber of our new normal, AV is more important than ever. The increased focus on AV is creating a comparable rise in interest across all our courses at AV University (AVU) on It’s hardly surprising giving the shift in our markets- corporate migrating from the largest sector in AV (per AVIXA research) to a completely different set of needs with mandated remote working across every state. Integrators are seeking to diversify their skillsets. Consumer interest is also on the rise as government funding promotes advances in new sectors like telemedicine.

 “We have never wavered on our commitment to learning,” said Jerilyn Veldof, Sr. Manager, Learning Experience Team. "It’s exciting to see the market respond to these times with such renewed vigor to learn. We’re here. We’re ready.”

Legrand | AV’s AVU provides online training at all levels of technology prowess across all our brands. We offer two types of course formats to suit your needs – both are completely free and feature educators like Joe Cornwall (a previous InfoComm Educator of the Year recipient) and technology experts from across our brands.

On-Demand Training

These courses are available whenever you want. Simply create a login and explore the curriculum to select courses that enhance your skill set. Earn CTS renewal credits, watch expert installations and how-to videos, and learn the best ways to install and optimize your AV system. Register or Login today! 

Our most popular courses are:

Digital Signage Mounting Solutions: Chief TiLED Series and IMPACT On-Wall Portrait Kiosk
Discover what you need to know about LED technology and mounting to make your next project a success. Watch installations of both the TiLED Series and the Impact On-Wall Portrait Kiosk, and find out what to use, when you might use them, and where they work best.

Vaddio AV Bridge MATRIX PRO Certification
Combining audio and video mixing functionality into a single device, the AV Bridge MATRIX PRO is ideal for conferencing and lecture capture applications. This course certifies dealers to sell the AV Bridge MATRIX PRO.

C into the Future! The Power of USB Type-C
A comprehensive exploration of the operation and AV applications of USB Type-C. How did we get here and what’s coming next? This is your chance to see into the future.


A professor in a classroom calling on a student raising their hand.

Live Webinars

Just as they sound - these courses are available LIVE which unlocks the ability to ask your burning questions to our experts. Click here to see a list of all our currently available courses. 

Here’s a quick look at some of the events we’ve recently hosted:

Deploying HDMI: Challenges and Solutions
If you want to be successful in AV design, installation, integration and operation in 2020 and beyond, this course is your ticket!

Digital AV Connectivity Formats and Payloads: Up Close and Personal
A tour of nearly every connection you'll encounter in a modern-day AV installation: DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, SDI, Mini DisplayPort, Thunderbolt, S/PDIF, TOSLink, and even USB. At the end of this session, you’ll be ready for any connection that comes your way!

Everything You Always Wanted to Know about USB (But Were Afraid to Ask)
Learn how to successfully integrate USB, understand why USB is the universal battery charger, and discover how the older USB formats continue to thrive in a world that requires more speed. Don’t let USB challenges cost you time, money or reputation on your next project!

Emerging Technologies That Will Change the Future of AV
This course explores new technologies and applications that are just emerging from labs and think-tanks of the AV industry. You’ll learn what’s up next and where you need to look to keep your systems and designs ready for the future.

Set a New Pace with Tempo™
Installing AV into corporate environments needs to happen with limited site visits and personal contact. Eliminate the need for inspections and wall remediation and explore how Chief’s Tempo Flat Panel Floor Support Mount speeds up and simplifies conference room installations.

If you’ve missed some of the events we’ve hosted, don’t fret! All our training events are recorded and posted in AV University for anyone to view. Simply login and sign up for whichever courses you would like. Then you’ll be able to view your training courses at a time that works best for you.

Whether you are looking to advance your career, earn CTS credits, or are just hungry for more information, we are always adding free courses to our training library that will meet your needs. Head over to AV University to sign up for free access to the latest and greatest training courses in the AV industry, and be on the lookout for more information about our upcoming live online training events!

At Legrand | AV, we are dedicated to keeping people connected no matter where they are. If you have any video conferencing, live streaming or connectivity questions, our solutions engineers are ready to help. Email us at with the details of your project. For more of the latest COVID-19 information, please access the FAQs at