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Supporting the Industry Remotely - Legrand | AV talks with AVNation – Part 1

Posted on 3/23/2020 7:00:00 PM by Legrand AV Team

The Legrand | AV team talks with Tim Albright from AVNation to address how we are solving the challenges our customers and industry colleagues are facing when everyone & everything is forced to move remote. Watch the video at the link or read on for tips and solutions. The conversation included Darrin Thurston, VP of Product Development – Vaddio; Beth Peterson, Product Marketing Manager – Vaddio; and Mark Tracy, VP of Solutions Strategy


Tips & Solutions


Tim A: The major impact here is House of Worship & Education. What does this mean & how can we help these folks?

Darrin T: We need to maintain the level of engagement between the professors and students now that they are remote.

Tim A: How do professors figure out how to teach remotely?

Beth P: Depending on what system you have, the difference between using a webcam and using a PTZ Camera or professional quality audio, the students experience changes.

Tips & tricks when working with what you have at home:

  1. Take a look around at your environment
    a) Look at what is behind you and in the video frame
    b) Pay attention to lighting – grab an extra lamp if you need it
  1. Incorporate movement into your presentation
    a) Teach the content like you normally would
    b) Utilize more than just talking to the camera and screen
    c) Get up, walk around – use a whiteboard or a flip chart

*Keep in mind that the microphone in a laptop doesn’t carry over very far, so be aware of where your laptop is located

  1. Talk into the camera like you would if you were having a real face-to-face conversation and don’t look down at your keyboard

Professor teaching remotely over video in front of a laptop.

Tips & tricks when working with a professional Vaddio system:

  1. Professional Audio - You will be heard from around the room if you get up and move around.

*CeilingMIC (999-85100-000/W) or TableMIC (999-85000-000/W)

Professor teaching remotely on video, using the ConferenceSHOT AV Camera Bundle with one TableMIC to help pick up the audio by a whiteboard.

  1. Professional PTZ Camera - When using a PTZ camera you can set presets to different places within the room to zoom in on a whiteboard or other content located within in the room.

*ConferenceSHOT AV Bundle - TableMIC 1

Professor teaching remotely on video, using the Vaddio ConferenceSHOT AV camera, moves the camera to set presets for close-up of whiteboards or flip charts to show content.

  1. Professional Presentations with Streaming - You have the ability to show content & video at the same time while streaming.

*AV Bridge 2x1

Professor teaching remotely on video, using the Vaddio ConferenceSHOT AV camera plus the AV Bridge 2x1 to allow a presentation and video to display at the same time.

  1. Professional Personalization
  • Add little touches to ‘up’ your professionalism when using a professional system
  • Add a logo
  • Easily switch between content and video

*AV Bridge 2x1

**All of the products listed above:

Deliver RTMP streams for direct streaming to popular online platforms

Just one click to ‘start stream’

Plug n’ Play

We support standard UVC controls for all videoconferencing applications, you plug the camera or AV Bridge into your laptop and it ‘just works’.

Remote Management Capabilities

Nearly all Vaddio products are all network enabled. So, you have the ability for those university AV departments to remotely control installed equipment and help the professor as long as you can access the network. AV teams can manage the devices; help start the streams and help connect the full system remotely.

Tim A: How can we provide for our clients, customers – and to our friends and families – those who have may never considered working from home or learning from home?

Darrin T: It starts with listening to the customers and the challenges they are facing and how we can come up with something that solves that problem. We think outside the box and get into the basics. Just a different challenge – the AV industry is always up to new challenges.’

Beth P: We have many online resources available to help people work through how to set it up; and having it be really easy, is the key in this situation.

Tim A: What opportunities do we have with Legrand to make sure integrators and techs are continuing their education?

Beth P: We have AVU (AV University) that offers resources to everyone from customers, integrators, dealers and end-users.

  • Free CTS RUs
  • Product information
  • Industry information
  • Distance learning content 

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At Legrand | AV, we are dedicated to keeping people connected no matter where they are. If you have any videoconferencing, live streaming or connectivity questions, our solutions engineers are ready to help. Email us at with the details of your project. For more of the latest COVID-19 information, please access the FAQs at