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Impact On-Wall Kiosk - Portrait 46" Black

LW46UBP | LW Series

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The Impact™ On-Wall Kiosk brings new flexibility to the digital signage enclosure market while maintaining a sleek aesthetic to complement a variety of environments. A depth-adjustable exterior frame allows for a variety of displays to be used. Reversible hinges help to avoid installation and service obstructions, and the exclusive design keeps the display mounted to the frame when opened, providing unparalleled service and maintenance access.

Note: Bezel size varies per product. Reference technical drawings and specification sheet for different image diagonals. 

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To purchase an additional Lever Lock™ component storage plate, visit Middle Atlantic at the link for the LL-VC21.

Impact On-Wall Kiosk - Portrait 46" Black

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Key Features

  • Depth-adjustable exterior frame supports a wide range of displays
  • A wall protrusion of 4" (101mm) or less can be obtained by using flat panels less than 2.75" (70mm) in depth
  • Integrated wall reveal compensates for uneven walls to keep the frame plumb and provides passive cooling
  • Exclusive design keeps the display mounted to the frame when opened for unparalleled service and maintenance access
  • Reversible hinges to avoid obstructions for installation and service
  • Engagement latch can be secured with tamperproof hardware
  • Multiple storage options available
  • Middle Atlantic’s Lever LockTM technology is integrated to avoid cutting into walls
  • Another Lever Lock can be added
  • Large empty center backing enables use with in-wall boxes
  • Compatible with PAC525 and PAC526 series in-wall boxes, including power options