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PipeDrapeBackgroundSystem Pipe-and-Drape-Upright Pipe-and-Drape-Crossbar Pipe-and-Drape-Base Pipe-and-Drape-Upright-Black Pipe-and-Drape-Crossbar-Black Pipe-and-Drape-Base-Black

Pipe and Drapery Background System

Product Series Item
This drapery system is for subdividing rooms, blocking light at entrances and as an add-on to Fast-FoldĀ® drapery kits for wider rooms.

Pipe and Drapery Background System

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Key Features

  • System is self-supported
  • Standard colors: black, blue or pewter gray
  • Available in Ultra Velour, which is inherently flame retardent
  • Available in three heights and variable widths to fit any application
  • Telescopic upright crossbar and steel base components assemble without tools