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The Best is Better than Ever
We listened to you. We talked to buyers, business owners, product managers, end users, stage engineers and the technicians that set up rental screens every day.
We listened to what was important to you, and designed a work horse that is stronger, faster and simpler in the ways that make a difference. All delivered in a great looking product complete with foldable 4K optic capabilities, for your image.
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We've Eliminated:
Speedy Cranks
Pull Tabs


New Extrusions
New Extrusion
  • More aluminum means a slightly larger frame and more strength
  • Channels give additional strength where you need it and prevent bowing
  • Shape improves aesthetic of frame and streamlines accessories by centralizing the location of all attachments
  • Fly any model with fly kit
  • Orient any screen in portrait or landscape format
New Hinge
New Hinge
  • Internal hinge improves durability and aesthetic
  • Increased strength in design that uses epoxy instead of exposed rivets
  • Push Button release for easy tear down
New Corner
New Corner
  • Push Button release for easy tear down
  • Fixed corner design improves durability
  • Welded insert for additional reinforced strength
  • Surface alignment that is the same every time
New Legs
New Legs
  • No speedy cranks. Easily adjust screen height while screen is assembled and upright with micro-sawtooth height adjustment
  • Easily add height adjustment sections when additional height is needed
  • Latch-attach to frame
  • Lower profile, gliding feet for moving the screen
  • Independently leveling feet for uneven floors
New Case
New Case
  • Reinforced for increased strength
  • Updated internal organization to protect surface and components
  • New design featuring 4 wheels
  • Designed to be stored upright or stacked horizontally
  • New labeling system for quick identification
  • Fewer case sizes for simplification
New Surface Formulation
New Surface Formulation
  • Foldable, 4K-ready rental surface for HD and 4K projection – only from the chemists at Da - Lite pushing the Science of Surface
  • Easy attachment with new clip design
New Surface Binding
New Binding
  • New vinyl binding design replaces a woven binding and allows for easier attachment and flexibility
  • Smaller 1” white binding wrap-around option for borderless viewing area
  • RF weld for clean lines
New Fly Bracket
  • New fly bracket accessory can be ordered with the screen kit or added later
  • Easy attachment with variable positioning