Courtroom / Council Chambers Solution


Add New Order in the Court

Courtroom AV systems provide the ability to give everyone the best view of evidence, whether in-person or remote. Virtual courtroom technology and council chambers can take advantage of many of the same solutions. Our diagram explains how.

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Why We Love It

  • In-ceiling camera installation provides a clean, aesthetic look 
  • Cameras provide a super-sharp image and long zoom for shooting the most important details 
  • Ability to switch video and recall presets, gives full camera control for the perfect shot  
  • Multiple cameras gives everyone the best view, whether in-person or remote 
  • Remote participants can dial in to the courtroom allowing remote arraignments or recorded proceedings

Kick It Up A Notch

Vaddio PCC MatrixMIX Live Production Joystick Controller 999-5755-000

Vaddio TeleTouch 27" USB Touch-Screen Multiviewer 999-80000-027

Vaddio AV Bridge Mini Audio/Video Encoder for RTMP Streaming 999-8240-000

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