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Camera Tools & Vaddio Support Center

Access tools, documents, and resources to assist with selecting and configuring the perfect camera setup for your project.






Vaddio Deployment Tool (.exe) 

Simplify installations by viewing all your Vaddio products across a deployment on one screen with the simple click of a button.

Vaddio Dante Interface Application (.exe) 2.45mb

For accessing EasyIP microphone settings and adjustments, and for updating EasyIP microphone firmware.

Vaddio Camera Selection Question Tree (PDF) 1mb

This 11 x 17 PDF will help you select the right camera for 90% of your projects.  When you just need to know what direction to go - follow these simple questions.

Camera Selector Tool (PDF) 2.27mb

Helpful tips on how to determine the best camera for your room's environment.

Videoconferencing Cameras Selection Guide (PDF) 1.7mb

From huddle spaces to larger conference rooms, this guide gives you our camera recommendations for any size conference room.

Vaddio Camera Image Size Calculator - Worldwide (xlsx) 27k

The maximum and minimum measurements of the camera’s image from the distance of the camera to the subject. (Vaddio cameras only)

OEM PTZ Camera Image Size Calculator (xlsx) 76k

The maximum and minimum measurements of the camera's image from the distance of the camera to the subject.



Vaddio Loader Instructions  (PDF) 2.02mb

Vaddio Loader V1.0.6.0  (msi) 298k



Vaddio's customer support portal is your online access to a wealth of product knowledge, FAQs, and ticketing information from our Technical Support staff. Click below to sign up and create a login for online access.

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Download warranty information for all Vaddio-made products.

Warranty and Return Policy (PDF)