21:9 Ultrawide Display Conferencing Space


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Support 21:9 Ultrawide Display Conferencing Spaces

Ultrawide displays need targeted support solutions that help them perform their best. Robust mounts with storage accessories keep everything in place and easy to service. An auto-tracking camera keeps the action in view and can be adjusted to individual room conditions. Working together, these solutions enhance the conferencing experience for the hybrid workforce.

Kick It Up a Notch

Optional products that take your solution to the next level.

  • Middle Atlantic power distribtuion UPS STD 1000VA UPS-S1000R 
  • Vaddio EasyIP 10 Mixer Base Kit (Includes EasyIP 10 PTZ Camera, EasyIP Mixer, EasyIP Switch) 999-60321-000

Why We Love It

• The IntelliSHOT-M camera is Microsoft Teams Certified, ensuring you’ll be seen

• Hardware echo cancellation in Vaddio microphones helps you be heard

• The ultrawide 21:9 format is perfect for the new Front Row feature in Microsoft® Teams 

• Convenient Chief storage options put the gear out of view but keeps it accessible

• Middle Atlantic Forum Arc Tables provide the meeting equity we all want, keeping everyone visible to the camera


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