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Teens Building Basement Flight Simulator Get Projecta Assist

Posted on 3/21/2016 12:00:00 AM by Chief Team

For more than two years, two friends in the Netherlands, Dennis Peeters (15) and Juul Crienen (14), have been building a flight simulator in the basement at Peeters’ house.

Friends since meeting in first grade, the two have managed to combine their interests into this one project. Peeters is interested in aircrafts and aviation. After he got to fly in a A320 flight simulator for his birthday one year, he decided he wanted to build his own simulator. 

He approached Crienen, who has an interest in creating custom software and in computer science, to help build the simulator. As teenagers, they’ve had to work on a tight budget, collecting pieces and making others over time since Fall of 2013 to create a Boeing 737 simulator.


A newspaper article about the teens caught the attention of Dennis Driessen, Area Sales Manager - Benelux, particularly how they mentioned projecting onto the brick wall.

“I wanted to help them make their experience even better,” Driessen said. “These are talented boys with a great dream.”

Driessen arranged a Dynamic CSR projection screen for them.

“We were planning to put a paper sheet on the wall, but this is working much better,” said Crienen. “Now we can enhance our flying skills because we don’t see any bricks in the picture anymore.”


Next up for the teens is making a throttle and an overhead compartment. You can learn more about the project on their website