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Product Videos

Learn about our product features and how easy they are to install. View our videos here or download them to look at later. They can also be embedded into your presentations or easily forwarded to coworkers.

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Display Mounts

Calibrating Your Fusion Dynamic Mount

Carts Stands

ConnexSys Recessed Install Tips

ConnexSys Video Wall Mounting System

Dynamic Height Adjust Mounts

Fusion Installation

Fusion LWM Series Menu Board Wall Mounts

Fusion Multi-Display Configurator Screencast

Fusion Series Freestanding and Ceiling Mounts

Fusion Series Mounts

Heavy Lifting with Fusion Dynamic Height Adjust Mounts

Height Fight with Fusion Dynamic Height Adjust Mounts

How Do You Freestyle Video Wall Design

LSMVU Pull-Out Mount Installation

LVM3x3U Install

New Fusion vs Old Fusion

PIWRF In-Wall Mount

Portable Flat Panel Stand Vs The Literature Rack

Thinstall Series Mounts

TS525TU Install

Why Fusion Modular? Interview at Infocomm 2016

Video Conferencing

AV Bridge MatrixMIX Multipurpose AV Switcher: Promotional Video

EasyTALK USB Audio Solutions Demo

EasyUSB AV Bridge Demo

Pro AV Systems

Precision Camera Controller

ProductionVIEW FX Product Demo

ProductionVIEW HD and HD-SDI: Overview

ProductionVIEW HD MV and TeleTouch LCD Monitors

ProductionVIEW HD: Configuration

ProductionVIEW HD: Operation

RoboTRAK Product Demo Video

Vaddio How-To Series

How to Design a High Definition PTZ Camera System

How to Design a Presenter Controlled System

How to Design an Operator Controlled System

How to Design Camera Tracking Systems

How to Update Vaddio AV Bridge


AN3WA100 Installation Video

Benefits of tab-tensioned

Built-In Low Voltage Control Installation and Adjustment

Cinema Contour

Cleaning your Da-Lite Screen

Contour Electrol

Cosmopolitan Electrol


Deluxe Insta-Theater

Descender Electrol - ceiling recessed installations made easy

Design Center Project

Designer Contour Manual with CSR

Designer Contour with IR

Dry Erase Screens - new features

Easy Install Manual with CSR

Fast-Fold Deluxe

Fast-Fold NXT

Fast-Fold NXT Promo

Fast-Fold NXT Screen Assembly

Fast-Fold NXT Weight Test

Fast-Fold NXT: Da-Lite Man

Flex Plex Installation

Flex Plex Promo

Floor Model C

HD Progressive Promo

Heavy Duty Fast-Fold Deluxe

IDEA Product Demo

IDEA Screen Promo


InfoComm 2015 - Parallax

Innovating for Your Image

Model B

Model B with CSR

Model C

Model C with CSR

Motor-in-Roller Limit Switch Adjustment

Multi Format Imager


Parallax Promo

Parallax Shoot Out (Side by Side Comparison)


Picture King

Premier Surface Technology

Pro Imager

Projecta Descender Installation video

Projecta DescenderPro features

Projecta DescenderPro Installation

Projecta Extensa

Projecta FullVision - no borders for a fullvision

Projecta FullVision Installation Video

Projecta HomeScreen Deluxe installation video

Projecta Introduces the New Borderless Projecta FullVision

Projecta Parallax Installation video

Projecta Parallax shoot out - actual filmed content showing Parallax in action

Projecta Shows Off Parallax to Show How Ambient Light Affects Projection

Series 200 and Series 300 Lace and Grommet Frames

Wireline Advantage

Wireline Advantage Case Study

Projector Mounts

All-In-One Projector Solutions

Automated Projector Lifts

Chief CMA Large Venue Vibration Isolating Coupler Demo

Chief KITEC - German Subtitles

Chief WBM2 Whiteboard Mount

CMA347 Vibration Isolator

CMS440 CMA470 Suspended Ceiling Installation

RPA Elite (RPM)

Short Throw Projector Mount

SL220 Automated Projector Lift Installation

SLBU Universal Interface Bracket


Vertical Portrait Projector Mount, VPAU - German Subtitles

VPAU - Vertical Projector Mount

WP2 Series Short Throw Mounts

Monitor Mounts

K1 and K2 Series Monitor Arms

K3 and K4 Array Solutions

KCG110 Monitor Mount Easy Install

KCY220 Dual Monitor Desk Mount

Kontour Easy Install

Kontour Series K3 Array Mounts

KTP220 Dual Monitor Table Stand

NeoCon 2018 Chief Booth Tour

The Story of Kontour


E1 Series Enclosed Racks Installation

F1 Series Furniture Racks Installation

RackBuilder 2 Screencast

RackBuilder Delivered

S1 Series Knock Down Racks Installation

S2 Series Knock Down Racks

Top 7 Reasons to Select Chief Rack Accessories


Equipment Rack Carts

Interactive Solutions

Interactive Short Throw Business Applications

Interactive Short Throw Education Applications

Interactive Short Throw Hardware Overview


Fast-Fold Drapery Masking Panels

Fast-Fold Drapery Presentation Kit

FCAV1U, German Subtitles

Floating Mounting Bracket Cosmopolitan and Tensioned Cosmopolitan

Floating Mounting Bracket for Model C and Model C with CSR

Fusion Pull-Out Accessory, FCAV1U

PAC In-Wall Box

Single Motor LVC System - External

Top 7 Reasons to Select Chief Rack Accessories

Video Projector Interface - External

ViewShare Fusion Video Conferencing Kits


ClearSHOT 10 USB

ConferenceSHOT FX Camera Video Conferencing Camera Solution for Huddle Rooms

OneLINK Bridge AV Interface


QuickCAT Mount

RoboSHOT 12 and 30

RoboSHOT 12 and 30


2013 Chief HQ Tour with our youngest employee

About Milestone

AV Brands of Legrand Website Demo

Evolving the Design

Gathering Feedback

Message from the President

Projecta Elpro Concept - A new concept of design

The Evolution of Chief

The New Milestone