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Optimizing a Hybrid Workforce

Keep Working
Keep Collaborating

Work from Here. Work from There. Work from Anywhere.

A hybrid workforce means those who work from home and from the office. They need to be flexible with whichever workspace they're using from day to day to stay connected with their customers, colleagues, students and teams.

Legrand | AV provides solutions that allow users to tackle many tasks; such as support customers, collaborate with clients, meet with vendors, teach online, create team presentations and even broadcast companywide announcements.

Working from anywhere has never been easier with the amazing assortment of solutions from Legrand | AV.

Conferencing Trends Look Book

People. Spaces. Technology.

Returning to work means returning to in-person meetings, but the spaces where people meet is going to look much different. Explore this trends look book for ideas on how to design conferencing spaces that are flexible, technology-rich and support the hybrid workforce experience.

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Flexible Hybrid Conferencing Solutions Guidebook

Conference calls should be amazing whether you’re in the office or working remotely. This guidebook is overflowing with ideas to elevate the conferencing experience of all shapes and sizes.

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Digital Signage for Your Workplace

Keep your corporate campus informed on the latest safety procedures, notifications, traffic control, scheduling and more with digital signage solutions. 

Explore Solutions

Simplify Your Workspace


Hybrid Workspace Solutions

Peruse these nine diagrams for permanent, portable and temporary workspace solutions.

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Top Docks

Pick the ideal docking station for your workspace.

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Unstoppable WiFi

Choose a WiFi or mesh router to maximize your WiFi coverage.

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Basic Desktop

Reduce desktop clutter with this desktop solution.

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Essential Connectivity

Optimize your workspace with cabling and docks.

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Workspace Ergonomics

Enhance your flexibility with adding monitor arms.

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Spotty WiFi 

Top 10 household items that may be
blocking your signal.

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Accessorize Your Workspace


Docking Station Bundles

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WiFi Routers

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Mesh Routers

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Desktop Power Center

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Backup Power System

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At Legrand | AV, we are dedicated to keeping people connected no matter where they are. If you have any video conferencing or live streaming or connectivity questions, our solutions engineers are ready to help. Email us at with the details of your project. For more of the latest COVID-19 information, please access the FAQs at


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