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Guidebook: Digital Signage for Your Workplace

Keep Corporate Campuses Moving

Corporations around the world are embracing digital signage now more than ever as a key element of their “return to work” initiatives. It’s proven ability to convey dynamic messaging where it’s needed most has migrated Digital Signage from an experience solution to a true integral part of operations – expanding its role to include safety procedures, employee notifications, traffic control, scheduling and more.

Explore our eight solutions to maintain the most vital connections today and every day:

1. Tablet Stand Solutions

2. Mobile Cart: Single Display

3. Floor Stand: Dual Display

4. Outdoor Pedestal: Single Display

5. Floor Kiosk: Back-to-Back Displays

6. On-Wall Kiosk: Single Display

7. Cable Mount Floor-to-Ceiling: Back-to-Back Displays

8. dvLED Video Wall Solution

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