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State and local governments can increase effectiveness and serve citizens better with AV solutions. State and local governments can increase effectiveness and serve citizens better with AV solutions.

Effective Communication​

AV Solutions for State & Local Government

Keep Communities Connected with Government AV

AV technology plays a vital role in connecting state and local governments with their citizens. Digital signage provides wayfinding and targeted information in government centers, city halls and public libraries. Public safety departments rely on command center desks and furniture to monitor emergencies and direct assistance. Control rooms keep traffic flowing in airports and public transportation systems.

Videoconferencing and livestreaming solutions help with local government transparency and access. Virtual courtroom technology can display evidence, record testimony, or remotely connect with plaintiffs and defendants.

Count on Legrand | AV for advanced AV solutions that help state and local organizations communicate more effectively.

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Amazing AV Experiences, Government Edition

eMagazine designed to keep government & communities moving forward.

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Court Systems


Planning Virtual Courtrooms

Explore considerations for creating a virtual courtroom experience.

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Why Virtual Courts?

Discover why and how courtrooms across America are shifting to virtual solutions.

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Mobile Live Streaming

Bring courtrooms and legal professionals together with this mobile live streaming cart.

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Courtroom Solutions

Find the perfect solution and equipment for a variety of courtrooms.

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Public Meeting Spaces


Why Design is Critical in AV Furniture

Properly-designed AV furniture can extend the life of your AV equipment.

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Conference Rooms

Solution diagrams for AV-over-IP videoconferencing for any size conference rooms.

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Enhanced City Council Meetings

Discover how a city made their council meetings accessible to everyone with live streaming technology.

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Digital Signage


Wayfinding and Traffic

Discover how digital signage helps keep communities safe and operational.

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Healthy Public Spaces

Chief tablet stands support temperature screening and navigation through public spaces.

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Command Centers

Video wall mounting options for control rooms of police and fire departments, 911 call centers and security.

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At Legrand | AV, we are dedicated to keeping people connected no matter where they are. If you have any command and control room, secure conference room, or government digital signage questions, our solutions engineers are ready to help. Fill out this simple form with the details of your project to get started.
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