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Luxul ProWatch

Luxul ProWatch Is Here!

Your clients’ networks host more connected devices than ever before, and their expectations for them all to work seamlessly are higher than ever. With Luxul ProWatch, monitor and manage every device on the network to proactively respond to issues while avoiding truck rolls for simple system management tasks.

*Firmware update required for Luxul Routers to run ProWatch 


Get Started

Once you’ve registered for ProWatch, watch this short video to learn how easy it is to setup a new site!

ProWatch FAQs

Everything you need to know to start using ProWatch!

Q: How do I download ProWatch?

ANSWER: Easy! Follow the links above to download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


Q: Is there a monthly fee for using ProWatch?

ANSWER: ProWatch is an entirely free software we offer as a benefit to the custom installer.


Q: Is there hardware that requires installation before I can use ProWatch at the sites I want to manage?

ANSWER: Not necessarily. There are physical products that will need to be installed in order for you to be able to take advantage of Luxul ProWatch (i.e. a router); however, the software itself is built in to many Luxul products, so once your Luxul network is installed, you’ll be able to use ProWatch. 


Q: What does "ProWatch Integrated" mean?

ANSWER: ProWatch Integrated products are those that have been integrated into and offer additional control and information within the ProWatch app.


Q: What does "ProWatch Enabled" mean?

ANSWER: ProWatch Enabled, or ProWatch, products provide access to monitoring of the device, alert notifications, device firmware updates, and remote access to and rebooting of the device.


Q: What does "ProWatch+" mean?

ANSWER: ProWatch+ products facilitate dealers to perform all the same functionality of ProWatch enabled products on non-ProWatch enabled products.


Q: What products are ProWatch Integrated, ProWatch Enabled, and ProWatch+?

ANSWER: As of now, ProWatch Integrated products include switches and PDUs, ProWatch products include access points, and ProWatch+ products include wired and wireless routers. 


Q: Does ProWatch replace Domotz on Luxul routers?

ANSWER: We still offer support for Domotz on Luxul routers; ProWatch is an additional tool we’re providing to our integrators as a free option for remotely monitoring and managing their clients’ systems.


Q: Will ProWatch be available on Epic Mesh?

ANSWER: Yes, ProWatch will be available with Epic Mesh with a future update after Epic Mesh launch!

See how ProWatch can help reduce truck rolls and improve your capabilities!

Meet Luxul ProWatch!