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Workspace Solutions

Enhance Comfort and Productivity with Chief Workspace Solutions

Chief has a 40-year heritage of innovation, developing inspired solutions for the workspace, conferencing environments, corporate digital signage and beyond. We’re driven to develop functional products with aesthetic designs that support beautiful, ergonomic spaces and transform the way people work.


Koncīs™ Dynamic Monitor Arms

Chief is proud to provide a flexible workspace solution designed to meet the needs of home and office. The Koncīs Dynamic Monitor Arm Series features elegant design with enhanced ergonomics to ensure optimal productivity no matter where you are working. Our feature-rich design offers premium quality at a budget-friendly price point. Koncīs Monitor Arms come pre-assembled with a quick release interface to ensure a seamless installation no matter what the environment.

Optimize your workspace with single and dual monitor arm mounts. Koncīs Monitor Arms offer a premium workspace solution with dynamic height adjustment, effortless fingertip tilt adjustment and Quick Release Monitor Interface for ease of install and service. 

Koncīs Monitor Arms easily clamp to the edge of desks or through 2”+ grommet holes with our 2-piece desk clamp included with every mount. 

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Kontour Series Monitor Arms and Accessories

At the core of our workspace solutions is the Kontour Series: elegantly designed monitor arms that create efficient, ergonomic workspaces that improve employee wellness and increase productivity. Designed with the strength of a forged aluminum body, Kontour monitor arms offer a broad scope of benefits, like extreme fingertip tilt adjustment, easy installation and stylish design at a great value.

Optimize the depth of dual-, triple- and quad-monitor installs with Kontour KX Series monitor arms. The exclusive FleXlink design maximizes workspace in shallow desk environments while still providing full range of motion for screen sharing with colleagues.

Kontour Series K1 monitor mount arms create flexible, functional workspaces in a wide variety of settings. The gas cylinder arm powers the K1 mount with dynamic height adjustability.

Heavy-duty Kontour Series K2 monitor arms provide strength, style and ergonomics. Monitor heights can be adjusted on desk models by sliding the arm vertically along the column.

Kontour Series K3 and K4 monitor array mounts provide strong, safe support for multi-monitor applications and focal-depth adjustment to let multiple users re-position the bank of screens to their preferred viewing distance.

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Elegantly integrate power to your Kontour monitor arms. Intelligent and energy efficient, the Kontour™ Charging Hub features smart charging capability that recognizes devices and automatic shut off during peak loads. Two color choices complement contemporary workspaces, and sleek design aesthetics allow for easy connection to power sources with less clutter and more functionality. USB-A and USB-C ports support shared 3.1A of device charging.

The Kontour Charging Hub easily integrates with all Kontour KXC, KXD, K1C, K1D and K2C Monitor Arm solutions.

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Keyboard and Mouse Support Systems

Individual ergonomic differences demand a desk system that adjusts to the user. Keyboard and mouse support systems allow users to raise, lower, push, pull and pivot the keyboard and mousing tray to meet their individual position requirements. The result is better ergonomics and injury prevention.

Users work most efficiently when comfort and ergonomics are maximized. Work that requires precision mousing, such as many engineering and design tasks, significantly benefits from solutions that provide an adjustable mouse surface that articulates, tilts and swivels.


Chief’s range of keyboard systems provide better placement of the keyboard and mouse for sitting, standing or moving between the two.

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Desktop and Furniture Power Solutions

As part of the Legrand family of AV brands, Chief’s line of workspace solutions has expanded to include Desktop Power Centers and radiant® Furniture Power Centers. Both put power within reach while blending in to today’s modern office aesthetics.

Desktop Power Centers provide 2 or 3 AC outlets along with dual USB-A ports for convenient charging – perfect for desks, tabletops and workstations. These sleek and easy-to-install solutions mount directly on surfaces and minimize cord clutter. All models ship with hardware for both clamp and fixed mounting. Available in two finish options: black or white with gray.

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Convert nearly any piece of furniture into a sleek and modern charging station with radiant® Furniture Power Centers. This innovative design combines the functionality of USB with traditional power for convenient charging in training rooms, conference rooms, hospitality furniture and other spaces. The flush mounted form factor provides 2 AC outlets and dual USB-A ports while blending in with décor to bring your furniture a step above ordinary. Available in white and nickel finishes.

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