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Kontour Monitor Mounts: Style with Strength and Flexibility

Kontour™ Series monitor arms create efficient, ergonomic workspaces that improve employee wellness and increase productivity. Single and multiple monitor mounts are available for desk, pole, slat wall and wall mounting needs.

The Story of Chief's Kontour Series

Monitors have changed dramatically the past 10 years. So have our mounts. See the journey.

Kontour Series K1 monitor mounts create flexible, functional workspaces in a wide variety of settings. The gas cylinder arm powers the K1 mount with dynamic height adjustability.

Optimize the depth of dual-, triple- and quad-monitor installs with Kontour KX Series. The exclusive Flexlink design maximizes workspace in shallow desk environments.

Heavy-duty Kontour Series K2 monitor mounts provide strength, style and ergonomics.

Kontour Series K3 and K4 monitor array mounts provide strong, safe support for multi-monitor applications.




Kontour mounts help dramatically increase user comfort through flexible monitor configurations that meet the differing needs of multiple users.




Kontour adjustable monitor arms greatly enhance the user’s ability to comfortably multitask due to increased workstation area and multi-monitor capacity.


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