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TiLED™ Solution Services

TiLED™ Solution Services

dvLED Installations Made Easy

We recognize direct view LED installations can be a stressful process for even experienced AV professionals. From selecting displays and mounting systems to design configurations and securing skilled labor, risk mitigation is always top of mind.

Chief is here to take the guesswork out of your dvLED installations. Working closely with dvLED display manufacturers, we developed the TiLED™ LED Video Wall Mounting System ensuring it’s easy to specify, easy to order and easy to install. The Legrand | AV installation team provides the level of service you determine is needed to be the dvLED expert for your client.

TiLED™ Solution Services offers three levels of one-on-one support to overcome common challenges:  

customize  Assisted Services: When you just need some advice or guidance with any part of your installation process, the Legrand | AV tech support team is just a click away. Online access to spec and configuration tools like MountFinder ™ and the TiLED™ LED Video Wall Configurator also offer quick, convenient assistance. 
  custom-tools Expanded Services: If you need to step up your LED installation game a notch, personalized design consultation is available with Legrand | AV Sales, Product Management and Engineering professionals for overall solution design. 
 teamwork Amplified Services: Make your dvLED installation shine with start-to-finish consultation of your project including customized design, engineered solutions, and labor assistance to supplement your expertise. Our TiLED™ mounting system supports an endless variety of video wall configurations. We can help make your creative vision a reality! 


Chief is committed to your success with teams that deliver unparalleled customer and sales support, plus personalized, white-glove service options. Contact us today!

*TiLED Solution Services is currently available in the United States.