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Conferencing Inspirations Look Book

Inspiring Conferencing Spaces

People. Spaces. Technology.

Returning to work means returning to in-person meetings, but the spaces where people meet is going to look much different. Explore this trends look book for ideas on how to design conferencing spaces that are flexible, technology-rich and support the hybrid workforce experience.

Trend: Flexible Meeting Spaces

With people using every possible space to meet and collaborate, conferencing solutions should be as multi-functional and AV-friendly as possible. Mobile carts and conferencing cameras are the most flexible, cost-effective solution for collaborating in any space.

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Trend: Technology for Hybrid Collaboration

Sometimes you work from home, sometimes you go into the office. The bottom line is that collaboration with remote employees is here to stay. Conference rooms should be equipped with technology that creates a seamless audio video experience for all participants.

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Trend: Technology for Hybrid Collaboration & Flexible Meeting Spaces

Uniquely designed for the new hybrid workplace, the Forum Collaboration Suite is the perfect solution for conferencing in either an open plan or more traditional meeting space. Couple the display stand with a table and a camera, and you've just created a conference space - anywhere.

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Trend: Enhanced Remote User Experience

Productivity and progress mean virtual conferencing like never before. When the people on the phone are just as important as the people in the room, the technology has to be in place for sharing, collaborating and connecting.

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