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Work from here. Work from there. Work from anywhere.

The workplace has changed but the need to stay connected with customers, colleagues, students and teams hasn’t. Hybrid and remote working are emerging as a new expectation to for our most cherished resource - our people. Working from anywhere generates endless variables; making it challenging to consistently deliver an amazing AV experience. We’ve narrowed down these four remote hybrid office solutions for seamless collaboration. Explore our solutions to maintain the most vital connections today and every day.

Residential Workspace Solutions Guidebook

We’ve narrowed down these four work from home solutions to ensure seamless collaboration for your customers.

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Spotty WiFi 

Top 10 household items that may be
blocking your signal.

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Successful Online Meetings

Explore the five rules to follow when conducting an online meeting

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Unstoppable WiFi

Choose a WiFi or mesh router to maximum your WiFi coverage.

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Working From Home Has Never Been Easier


Kontour K1D

Kontour K1D Dynamic Height-Adjustable Desk Clamp Mounts perfect for home offices

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Luxul Epic Mesh

The reliable, solid network performance you’ve come to expect from Luxul  with a state-of-the-art mesh solution

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Epic 3 Wireless Routers

Luxul XWR-3150 or XWR-1200 provides the strongest possible WiFi signal throughout your space

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Boost Productivity and Creativity with Nuvo Speakers


In-Ceiling Speakers

Fill every room with impeccably clear, full sound! The perfect accompaniment to all Nuvo audio systems.

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In-Wall Speakers 

Designed to surround you with vivid, pristine sound and rich bass response – exquisite audio at any volume 

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Outdoor Speakers

Elevate your outdoor living space with a clean, powerful sound and sleek, modern form factor

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Create a Dependable and Organized Work Space


On-Q Plastic Enclosure

Our brand-new, USA-made WiFi ready plastic enclosures provide a clean, centralized location for the home’s wired and wireless services.

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On-Q Network Interface Module

Designed to connect your router or switch to wired network locations throughout your home

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On-Q Patch Cables

Constructed with a low profile, snagless boot that protects the tab from catching on other cables in a high-density location.

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Free Network Design with a Guarantee


We created the Luxul Customer Assurance Program to ensure the customer has the right network design, the right equipment, and the right remote management system in place. This great service also provides the customer with a guarantee that their network will perform throughout the entirety of their space. Luxul is so confident in these designs, if the network doesn’t perform to standard, they’ll provide additional equipment free of charge.   

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At Legrand | AV, we are dedicated to keeping people connected no matter where they are. If you have any video conferencing or live streaming or connectivity questions, our solutions engineers are ready to help. Email us at with the details of your project. For more of the latest COVID-19 information, please access the FAQs at