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Luxul Epic Mesh

Finally a mesh solution that's built for today's custom installer

Epic Mesh combines the reliable, solid network performance you’ve come to expect from Luxul wireless products with a state-of-the-art mesh solution that’s simple-to-deploy. With fantastic coverage and excellent data rates, Epic Mesh provides powerful WiFi connections to all your wireless clients.

ProWatch+ means you can remotely monitor and manage all connected devices on the network - from anywhere! Save time and money by using ProWatch and avoid unnecessary truck rolls.


4x4 Backhaul allows for better communication between nodes, meaning less network congestion and faster WiFi speeds.


8 SSIDs provide you with options for setting up the network. Whether you need a separate guest network or want to keep the home automation devices apart from other network devices, you can easily do so.


Lifetime Tech Support gives you peace of mind knowing we back you and our products.

More Than Just a Mesh Node

With Epic Mesh, you can do more than provide Wifi. Setup port forwarding, a guest network, and even static leasing. In this short video, learn about the flexibility and customization options you have with Epic Mesh, and the different situations it can be installed. 

ProWatch+ in Epic Mesh

Luxul ProWatch is a free cloud management solution that provides app-based remote monitoring and management of your network devices from anywhere! With Epic Mesh being ProWatch+, you'll have remote access to your connected network devices, allowing for remote reboots, power cycling, firmware updates, as well as receive device alert notifications.

Use ProWatch+ on Epic Mesh to remotely:

  • Reboot devices
  • Power cycle Luxul PDU and switch ports
  • Perform firmware updates
  • Receive device alert notifications
  • Manage multiple sites
  • Configure devices via web interface

Save time and money by using ProWatch and avoid unnecessary truck rolls.

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