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USB-C® Docking Stations

Single Port Connectivity to a Complete Desktop Solution for Maximum Productivity and Convenience

USB-C Docking Stations from C2G pair with a USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 laptop or tablet providing desktop expansion to additional displays, connecting for data transfer, and supporting power delivery that keeps everything powered and charged.

"Desktop Expansion" - All C2G USB-C Docking Stations support at least one display, with some supporting two additional displays. Leverage these additional displays to work or learn from a larger screen, or to simultaneously open multiple windows for data analysis or reference.

"Data Transfer" - C2G USB-C Docking Stations feature ports for data transfer like USB-C or USB-A for devices like a keyboard, mouse, flash drive, or printer, Ethernet port for wired network connectivity, or even a memory card port for an SD card.

"Power Delivery" - C2G USB-C Docking Stations support power delivery that ensures that all connected devices receive the amount of power they need to function and or charge, but also provides charging power to the connected laptop or tablet.

C2G USB-C Docking Stations are perfect for use in the office, the classroom, at home, or anywhere in-between. C2G offers three different docking station form factors including full size docking stations that offer complete connectivity, mini docking stations that are smaller in size and offer essential connectivity, and compact docking stations that are the smallest in size for portability and offer essential connectivity.

C2G USB-C Docking Stations are in stock and ready to ship


Download the "The Ultimate Guide to the Next Generation of AV Device Connectivity: USB Type-C for the AV Professional" white paper:

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