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Sunday Service 911 … Let Us Help You Live Stream Your Message

Posted on 3/22/2020 7:00:00 PM by Legrand AV Team

Vaddio has a quick, easy-to-install solution for streaming your message online, without breaking the bank. Using a computer with internet access and a monitor, along with Vaddio’s RoboSHOT® 40 UHD PTZ Camera, OneLINK Bridge, and a PCC Premier Camera Controller you will be streaming your service online for all members to view from the comfort of their own home.

The RoboSHOT 40 UHD, is a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera that moves just as its name implies. With motorized capabilities, PTZ cameras move horizontally (pan) as well as vertically (tilt); and optics within the lens enable the view to move in and out on the target subject. A PTZ camera can move to show different areas of a space, as well as move to show close up or wide views of a subject. Intended to be mounted in a place that covers the entire viewable area, this camera eliminates the need to worry about being out of focus during camera movements. The camera can also process complex lighting such as natural light or stained-glass windows in the house of worship.


The OneLINK Bridge takes the in-room audio from your microphones and mixes it with the video data from the RoboSHOT camera. This single USB data stream is fed into the computer where it streams and archives the service to YouTube Live or any other live streaming service. The OneLINK Bridge also keeps the user from having to manage a daunting sound mixer. Instead, you can use the web interface to adjust volumes of the audio inputs and have a matched video/audio feed to send wherever you need it. The OneLINK Bridge uses a single cable to provide power, video, and control to the camera. No complex wiring or electrician needed.


The PCC Premier Camera Controller allows operators to move the camera by using automatic camera presets throughout the service. Camera presets make it easy for volunteers to use the system with minimal training. For manual camera positioning, operators can use the joystick when needed.

Need more information on this solution? Read about how Heritage Lutheran Church did it or watch the three-minute Youtube Video here. You can also learn more about the RoboSHOT cameras in this brochure.

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Vaddio offers a 1-year advanced replacement and 2-year warranty on all its products in addition to lifetime support by emailing us at or calling toll free 1-800-572-2011.

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