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Quick-Connect USB Mini Interface

Quick-Connect USB Mini Interface

The Quick-Connect Mini System delivers high-quality HD video, power, and control over two Cat. 5 cables up to 100' and includes a USB 2.0 output based on UVC standards.

Only sold as part of a QMini System

Key Features:

  • USB 2.0 Output
  • Power/Video/Control on two Cat-5’s up to 100’ (30.5m)

Quick-Connect USB Mini Interface

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Key Features

Only sold as part of a QMini System

The USB Mini was designed to provide simple and effective USB 2.0, 720p/30 streaming and capture capabilities without the need for local analog or digital video outputs. The USB Mini uses UVC (Universal Video Class) drivers, so whatever resolution the UC application needs, the USB Mini will auto-negotiate.

The USB Mini powers the camera and returns HSDS (differential) video with connectivity distances up to 100' using the Vaddio standard two Cat. 5 wiring platform. The USB Mini also offers an easy mounting either on-wall or under-table with an integrated mounting tab.

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