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Fixed Frame Screens

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Parallax is a projection technology that features an advanced optical lens system that rejects light, rather than only diffusing light. Parallax is made up of multiple micro-layers to achieve its light blocking properties and superior viewing angles. Each micro-layer has a function in creating the brightly lit display. Layers that are black boost contrast and absorb ambient light from the sides, while a specially shaped layer blocks light from above.

Two ambient light rejecting surfaces are available in a fixed frame; Parallax 0.8 for standard throw projectors and Parallax UST 0.45 for ultra short-throw projectors.

Both products are flexible, shipping in a roll, and feature speckle and glare-free surfaces.

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Key Features

  • Parallax is a fixed frame screen with a black velvet frame and a choice of two ambient light rejecting surfaces.
  • Each layer of Parallax plays a role in preserving the image that is reflected back to the viewer in high ambient light environments. Some layers absorb light while one special layer is shaped like a microscopic saw-tooth that blocks light from above resulting in the preservation of high-contrast, bright images in brightly lit environments.
  • Parallax surfaces offer extremely wide viewing angles, no speckle and no glare and is an ideal solution in Pro AV.
  • The Parallax projection surfaces are flexible, ship in a roll and are easy to install with a unique connection system.
  • Parallax 0.8 surface is engineered for standard throw projectors (1.5:1 throw or greater). The projector needs to be positioned within the vertical viewing angle to ensure the light is not rejected.
  • Parallax UST 0.45 surface is engineered for ultra short-throw projectors. The UST projector needs to be positioned underneath the projection screen.
  • The flat aluminum frame has a black velvet cover, which eliminates reflection and serves to absorb light surrounding the viewing area.
  • The frame features a beveled edge, reducing shadowing in the viewing area.