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Da-Lite Still Innovating More Than 100 Years Later

Posted on 7/16/2017 7:00:00 PM by Da-Lite Team

In 1909, the movie theater was still a new phenomenon. Films were barely 10 years old at the time (only 3 if you go by the first feature-length film in 1906).

Then 24 years old, Adele De Berri was an aluminum cookware demonstrator in Chicago. She was fascinated by the reflective nature of silver paint and its potential to create a better projection surface.

She rented the basement of an abandoned church and started experimenting. Coat after coat of paint went up on the walls until she found the right mix that provided solid image reflection and could be applied to canvas for better transportation. Side note: screens at the time were often switched out to be washed as grime built up from tobacco smoke.

Since that innovative start, Da-Lite has not stopped creating new projection surface solutions that meet the needs of current AV technology. Fast-Fold, Electrol, 4K ready surfaces and amazing initiatives in sustainability have been just a few signposts in a 100+ year history full of them.

Take a look at our new animated timeline for more reasons to look to Da-Lite for AV innovation from 1909 through today. Wait ‘til you see what’s next!