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Legrand | AV Announces Leadership Training Opportunity for AVIXA Women’s Council

Posted on 5/26/2020 7:00:00 PM by Legrand AV Team

Legrand | AV is pleased to announce its sponsorship of Feedback from your Kitchen Table, a powerful 30-minute webinar for AVIXA Women’s Council. The focus of the session is to provide best practices for initiating and managing feedback conversations when working remotely.

Attendees will gain insights and skills in giving feedback in a timely constructive way – even when you can’t put your finger on the specific problem. They will also discover methods for staying focused and productive, yet balancing compassion for personal circumstances.


This webinar is scheduled for noon (CT), on June 4, 2020, and is facilitated by Sarah King, Partner at Refound, an organization that delivers people-leadership programs for companies large and small. While the webinar is open to anyone, it is focused on women currently in leadership roles or women aspiring to take on leadership positions. 


Sarah King has led teams for the last 19 years while working in operations and finance. As a partner at Refound, she is driven by helping clients solve big problems, grow beyond what they believe is possible, and ultimately improve the way they experience work. Sarah believes in leading with compassion and a human-centered approach to helping clients uncover issues below the surface in order to reach their organizational goals. When not working, Sarah enjoys being with family, raising her Gen-Z kids, and organizing her home with the help of her trusty friend, Marie Kondo.

“Spending time helping leaders develop important communication skills is imperative to our success as an organization and their success as effective leaders,” said Laurie Englert, Vice President of Customer Experience at Legrand | AV. “Using the Accountability Dial framework, Sarah helped my leadership team develop strategies to provide feedback is a very human-centered, kind way to get to the heart of an issue before it turns into an uncomfortable conversation. We know that women in AV are seeking leadership opportunities and I believe developing this skill can help immensely and that’s why we are thrilled to be sponsoring this webinar for the AVIXA Women’s Council.”


Legrand will also provide the first 30 registered webinar participants with free registration to Refound’s Accountability Dial 101 course, for creating a culture of Good Authority with consistent, compassionate communication. The five steps of the Accountability Dial provide teams with a roadmap for having difficult conversations in order to guide team members to take greater personal ownership of their roles.

Click here to register for Feedback from Your Kitchen Table.

For more information, download the invitation flyer.

Click here to learn more about the AVIXA Women's Council - a global community of nearly 800 members committed to supporting and empowering women in the AV industry.