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Incorporating Remote Power for Effective AVaaS Systems

Posted on 9/2/2020 7:00:00 PM by Middle Atlantic Team

Last blog, we discussed the benefits of remote power management, both for integrators and for end users. But that’s just a part of what AV professionals can do remotely these days. Business models used to be based on selling and installing a system and not looking back. Especially since the onset of COVID-19, being able to solve problems without rolling a truck helps keep employees safely distant. Let’s take a closer look at how Middle Atlantic helps with AV as a Service (AVaaS) plans.

The most expensive cost of supporting an AV system? On-site service calls to troubleshoot minor issues. On top of the cost, clients will have to wait for an available technician who may have to travel a long distance, block the room for the maintenance, all the while having a system that isn’t working. The technician may even arrive on site and not be allowed in due to new COVID restrictions. If this happens during a critical presentation, you may even lose the client’s trust.

Many minor issues can be prevented with remote management systems that begin with the right power solution. PDUs with RackLink™ are Middle Atlantic’s answer to solving many AV issues remotely. First launched in 2011, the RackLink platform hosts a variety of features and functionalities to support all your applications.

What can RackLink do?

  • Control individual outlets
  • Monitor temperature and humidity
  • Track voltage problems
  • Detect power surges
  • Warn you of potential problems
  • AutoPing to ensure equipment is online and connected to the network

As discussed last time – these capabilities allow you to proactively solve problems before the client is even aware of them. You get to be the hero that keeps their system up and running so they don’t have to call you because something went wrong. You can even use the time you saved to practice your superhero pose.

Man doing a superhero pose

RackLink also has the capability of scheduling downtime, meaning you can turn systems off at night and on in the morning. You can sequence the order of these operations so the right equipment turns on/off first. An added benefit for clients is the equipment will last longer by not running at all times.

Middle Atlantic offers many different ways to connect and allow monitoring and management of the PDUs with RackLink. PDUs can connect securely to the cloud directly or through an on-premise agent, connect to control systems (Crestron, AMX, QSC, Symphony, etc.) and connect to other platforms via RESTful API.

Combine these systems with Vaddio PTZ cameras you can troubleshoot and update remotely using the Vaddio Deployment Tool and you are suddenly selling a whole AVaaS systems with Legrand.

When it comes down to it, AVaaS is essentially providing clients a guarantee of maximum uptime and gives integrators a continual relationship with the customer along with an additional revenue stream.

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