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Quality Projection Screens for EMEA since 1952

Projecta, Your Source of Quality Projection Screens Solutions for the EMEA Market

Projecta is Europe’s leading manufacturer of high-quality projection screens. Together with our sister-company Da-Lite, we design, develop and build an extensive range of projection screens in the largest projection screen manufacturing facility in Europe, located in Weert, the Netherlands. Founded in 1952, we have over 65 years of experience, and over time we have grown to become your trusted source for projection screen solutions.
Local Teams to Support Your Business in the UK and Mainland Europe
The Legrand AV teams are located all over Europe to support your projects. Our local teams can connect with you in your own language with knowledge of the local market. They can assist you on projects, projection knowledge and much more.

Built in The Netherlands with Fast Delivery
Projecta projection screens have been manufactured from high quality materials in the Netherlands since 1952. Most products can ship only a couple of days after the order for a quick delivery. We build our projection screens from start to finish, so we can monitor the quality in every step.

Interested to see the difference?

Do you want to see and experience the quality of Projecta projection screens for yourself? Get in touch to request a projection screen for your next demo install, shoot-out or showroom. Sounds good? Click below to send your request, so our team can get in touch.

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Innovation Based on Current and Future Projector Needs
Projecta keeps track of what’s going in the AV market and develops projection surfaces that match current and future projector technologies. The engineering of the HD Progressive line of projection surfaces is a great example of this. The features of these projection surfaces are developed to match the specific requirements of high-resolution projection, like preventing microscopic variances in the base material for pixel preservation. Another example is the Parallax Series range of Ambient Light Rejection materials.

Projecta projection screens are built to order from start to finish in-house to ensure a high level of flexibility. When your order comes in, we almost instantly start the production of your projection screen,
and customizing can be done just as quick. Because of this, we are able to design and manufacture custom projection screens to match every challenging project.

Multi-lingual Tech Support Team
The multi-lingual Projecta field and inside sales teams are trained to support your project. We can assist with making the right choice for a projection screen that matches the projector capabilities for
the optimal end results. Our customer service team will reply quickly and accurately to your questions and quote requests every day.

Find Your Sales Contact

Want to know more? Click here and find your local contact for Projecta projection screens.

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Screen Surface Selection Calculator

With only a few critical inputs - room size, screen dimensions and projector details, see how these values impact screen surface selection in a specific environment and ultimately, the end users viewing experience when considering Projecta and Da-Lite screen surface technology.

Test it Out Now!

See Why a Tensioned Projection Screen is Needed for High Resolution Projectors

This video will show you why a tensioned projection surface is needed when a high resolution projectors is used. You’ll also learn the overall benefits of using tab-tensioned technology and our high resolution projection surface HD Progressive.

See How Easy a DescenderPro Can be Installed

A step by step video that shows you how easy this ceiling recessed projection screen can be installed. Check the Projecta YouTube channel for more installation videos.

Parallax ShootOut

See the same image from the same projector on a standard projection screen surface and an ambient light rejecting screen surface with strong overhead lighting.



Quality Screens For Quality Projectors

The Barco office, showroom and testing facilities in Norway needed quality screens to showcase the full potential of the latest projectors for testing and for customers. Projecta screens are used throughout Barco offices to highlight the capabilities of each type of projector. At the reception area, guests are welcomed, for instance, by a three-projector edge blend on a Series 200 Screen.



Medieval Charm

Legrand partner, Avex, updated the medieval hotel with the latest audiovisual solutions during a recent renovation. The goal of the hotel was to enrich the digital experience for guests and so give them something more than they would get in their homes or offices. In the conference rooms, a projection screen was needed to complement the high-end design of the room. For this, the Projecta Tensioned Elpro Concept was chosen, a projection screen with a stylish casing and appearance.


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