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Case Study

Quality Screens for Quality Projectors

Quality Screens for Quality Projectors


The Barco office, showroom and testing facilities in Norway needed quality screens to showcase the full potential of the latest projectors for testing and for customers.


Projecta screens are used throughout Barco offices to highlight the capabilities of each type of projector. At the reception area, guests are welcomed, for instance, by a three-projector edge blend on a Series 200 screen.

Barco’s operations and research and development use Projecta HomeScreen Deluxe fixed frame screens with HD Progressive surface for testing projectors. This screen is also used at the experience center in Fredrikstad, where Barco invites partners to see their latest projectors in action.

“Focusing on providing the best picture on the wall, it’s extremely important for us to partner up with the best screen provider in the individual markets. Projecta Screens has for many years now been the preferred partner for Barco FRE, for tradeshows and as well as for our show room in Norway,” said Arve Karlsen, Commercial Support Director at Barco FRE Norway.



Over the years, Projecta and Barco have built a strong relationship that provides superior screen surfaces for quality projectors. Karlsen praised the level of service and professionalism Projecta has provided over the years.

“At any given time I would be more than happy to highly recommend Projecta Screens to any of our customers,” he said. 


About Barco:

Barco, a global technology company, designs and develops networked visualization products for the Entertainment, Enterprise and Healthcare markets. Barco FRE, in Norway manufactures projectors for the professional markets, directly targeting Simulation, ProAV, Rental & Staging amongst others.