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Lecture Halls Require Big AV Solutions

Posted on 8/5/2019 7:00:00 PM by Legrand AV Team

Due to the growth in flipped and blended learning, even lecture style classrooms have had to evolve. Today’s lecture hall AV technology still supports multiple presentation sources and video annotation, along with recording, archival and distribution equipment. Technology has made lectures more interactive by providing electronic voting systems and web conferencing. Whiteboard or smartboards are installed along the length of the room for small group collaboration.

Prior to digital lecture halls, if lectures were to be recorded, it would be a difficult process for the instructor to manage while also teaching. However, AV technology has simplified the process with some automation.

 Digital rendering of a lecture hall with AV equipment.

One digital lecture hall tool that has increased productivity for teachers is the presenter tracking system. This system works great for teachers who want to provide distance learning or lecture capture but remain in the designated lecture hall. The pan-tilt-zoom camera follows the teacher as they walk around the presentation area. The teacher also has the option to use pre-programmed camera triggers or sensors that allow for the camera to change views automatically -- for example, switching from the lectern to the white board. The technology also works efficiently and accurately with a variety of livestreaming services such as Zoom, Google Hangouts and WebEx. All this technology is able to be used independently and none require a camera operator.

Lecture halls are also prime locations for projection. Chief and Da-Lite offer many mounts and projection surfaces to accommodate any situation, such as structural anomalies, vibration, ambient light and more.

A good lectern allows instructors to support and control the AV systems from one integrated point. Be sure to take a look at the lecterns available from Middle Atlantic that meet the needs of any learning space and support multiple control systems.

Legrand | AV can help digital lecture halls improve their efficiency. See below how Chief, Da-Lite, Middle Atlantic and Vaddio can assist.



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