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Six Reasons Why AV Furniture Design Matters

Posted on 5/3/2021 7:00:00 PM by Legrand AV Team

There’s a lot on the line when it comes to secure communication between government agencies. You rely on furniture to safeguard sensitive equipment while providing the necessary features for uninterrupted uptime.

AV solutions must be dependable every day – even more so during critical situations affecting public health and safety.

Most furniture is designed purely for aesthetics, but AV furniture is engineered to support the distinct needs of AV equipment and provide the right ecosystem to keep it safe. Legrand | AV understands the importance of thoughtful furniture design to guarantee unfailing AV performance.

#1 Ergonomics for Optimized Performance

Ergonomics are critical for maintaining the health, safety and performance of your teams—especially operators in a mission critical setting. Good ergonomics keep your teams alert and on top of their game.

#2 Portability for Rapid Deployment

Crises can happen anywhere, and a quick response on the ground needs AV solutions that can be easily deployed. Get your teams to the source with solutions that minimize setup and can easily be reconfigured to evolving needs of the team and situation.

Image of a guy at at a console

#3 Security for Sensitive Intel

Intel and information must be quickly and easily accessible to those with clearance and completely secure from those without it. Beyond safeguarding equipment with mechanical or electronic locks, we provide discrete storage locations and equipment segregation. This lets you physically separate equipment based on classification and eliminates the possibility of spillage from one system to another.

#4 Heat and Humidity Control

AV equipment is critical but incredibly sensitive. It has specific power and temperature requirements. Signals must maintain integrity between points.

Furniture designed for AV applications includes passive or active ventilation that keeps equipment safe from overheating. In fact, for every 10°F (6°C) degrees the temperature rises over 85°F (29°C) in a rack, the equipment life is reduced by 40%. With environmental monitoring in your remote power management system, alerts can be triggered when the temperature gets too high or can automatically trigger a fan to operate.

Illustration to show airflow in a C5 Console.

Humidity is also challenging to AV equipment. When humidity is generally 65% or higher, dust mixes with the moisture and lands on sensitive circuit boards. AV furniture can be loaded with filter kits and sensors to detect humidity levels.

#5 Monitoring Power to Keep Everything Up and Running

Surges, over voltage, under voltage, spikes and a host of other power problems can wreak devastation on AV equipment. One of the surprising primary causes of power supply failure is under voltage, and few power products properly protect against this anomaly. AV furniture can be equipped with surge protection, UPS systems and other power solutions for safeguarding and keeping vital equipment running through power events.

#6 Storage, Organization and Neat Cable Management

One of the biggest advantages of furniture designed for AV is the solid rackmount capability that accepts components of varying depth, and neatly stacks and spaces them for ease of use and servicing. AV racks can use traditional accessories like shelves for smaller equipment storage and brush grommet panels for cable pass through while deterring dust. Cable management allows integrators to run cabling from one bay to the next, properly tie off and route cables internally, and get power to the rack and the unit surface—all these enhance the performance of the system.

Download the new Government AV Furniture Brochure to discover room-specific solutions from Legrand | AV you should consider in your next install.