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Think C2G for AV

Posted on 9/14/2021 7:00:00 PM by Legrand AV Team

With all the infrastructure talk going around these days, it’s worth stopping to think about the things we often overlook. No one thinks about the condition of the roads until a pothole takes out their tire. Transmission lines are just background until the power goes out.

Cables are like that. You could get cables for an AV project off the internet. But sooner or later that unproven origin could take out the metaphorical tires of your installation and sap your power. You start trying to find a help center for the faulty cable and discover you have no one to call, which leaves you no choice but to get another cable at your own cost. 

That’s just one part of what C2G brings to the Legrand | AV table – especially with their new Performance Series Cables built to meet the exacting expectations of AV integrators. 

Styled image of HDMI cables from C2G made specifically for the AV industry.

C2G is a powerhouse in the cables and connectivity market. Since joining the collection of Legrand brands in 2017, they have jumped at the chance to move into the AV industry with a different set of expectations and standards. They’ve got the history for the challenge.

Cue flashback chimes and sepia tones! For the uninitiated in the AV crowd, the C2G founders started making custom cables in the back room of their store at a Salem, Ohio, mall in the 80s during the halcyon days of early PC adopters. They couldn’t find a reliable cable supplier to connect peripherals, so they started making their own. They discovered other resellers were way more interested in their cables than the computers. 

Flash forward and they’re bringing the deep history and insight from all the brands of Legrand | AV to tackle this challenge and have launched the first of many Performance Series Cables. 

How do these cables differ from what you can get off the internet or at a box store? We have four key reasons to stop and consider C2G Performance Cables for your next project. 

Why Specify Performance Series Cables?


Quality iconQuality

We get it. Everyone claims quality, but we have the receipts. These cables are proven to perform with easy gripping for better handling. 

We’ve added commercial-grade connectors to give you two times (a claim that bears italicization) the port retention of a standard disconnector. Why? We want you to have the peace of mind of not having to roll a truck for troubleshooting a problem only to find out someone fiddled with the rack or equipment and disconnected the cable.

We’ve been an adopter and affiliate with for more than 10 years. We continue to stay on the forefront of the technology as improvements emerge.


tested iconTested

These are the elite, Blue Angels of the AV cables available from C2G. We have 100% testing at the production line to make sure each one meets industry standards.

We loathe the idea of setting up a system and discovering one of the cables is the only thing keeping it from displaying the capabilities of your glorious design. Testing makes us feel safe and helps us sleep at night. This sort of reliability means no running back to the store because of a faulty cable. (More on this in a sec).


Convenience IconConvenience

When other cables fail, there are few options available other than replacement. We’re available to help troubleshoot any issues. You have the power and longevity of Legrand | AV behind even the smallest piece of your system.

There’s also a definite advantage to being able to order cables on the same purchase order as your mounts, screens, cameras, racks and more. One PO, one place to check for tracking, one place to contact with questions. Sounds good, right?

P.S. We also make sure to keep plenty in stock for those last-minute orders. Just sayin’.

“If you have any issues in the field, you want to know you can reach out to somebody you know to help you work through the problem,” said Brian Retzlaff, solutions team expert. “You’re not going to get that from anyone else. It’s so important to be able to reach out to a human who you know has your back. You can’t put that on a spec sheet, but it matters.”


Confidence iconConfidence

Remember before when we reminded you of all those times you had to run to the store for a new cable out of pocket? Sorry to bring up a sore memory. But there’s a point. We mean it when we say lifetime warranty.

You need a brand that you can trust, backed by a family of brands like Legrand | AV. We’re here for the long haul and will continue to support your business goals with reliable solutions that perform. And if for some reason they don’t – our customer care teams are ready to jump in to help. 


There you have it.

Wait. Did we forgot to even go over the cables themselves? How is that possible? OK, quick rundown and then a web link for you lovely tech-savvy readers to get all the details. 

For now, we have two Performance Series options, the Premium High Speed HDMI® Cable and the Ultra Flexible High Speed HDMI Cable. Let’s start with the Ultra Flexible cables. 

ultra-flex-hdmiThe Performance Series Ultra Flexible High Speed HDMI Cable comes in 12 different lengths and supports all HDMI 2.0 features including 4K resolutions up to the limit of 50 feet (15.2m). These cables are dressed for success with in-wall rated jackets to give you the option of cleaner installations.

Gold plated connectors improve electrical conductivity and enhance durability over time since they don’t readily react with chemical like copper can. Oh, and they flex for installation in tight spaces. Hit that above link for all the details in their full glory.

Step it up with Performance Series Premium High Speed HDMI Cables. They’re tested to conform with the Premium HDMI Cable Certification Program for the highest performance standards and ultimate reliability. They come with a counterfeit sticker. Simply download the app, scan the sticker and it will tell you if the cable is certified, the part number, and a link to the site.

We’ve designed this cable to enhance video experiences with higher resolutions, increased speeds and sharper images. It’s been tested to deliver the full 18Gbps bandwidth required by the specifications for certification, and it supports the library of Consumer Electronic Control (CEC) commands to allow communication between devices. These come in 7 different lengths up to 25 feet (7.6m) at up to 4K resolution.

As with the Ultra Flexible cables, you get support for all HDMI 2.0 features including resolutions up to 4K, in-wall rated jackets and gold-plated connectors for increased electrical conductivity and enhanced durability. We’ve got a 35-foot (10.7m) 4K and 50-foot (15.2m) 1080p version that just launched. 

Head over to the site for more on these A+ cables for AV. We have a 360 Overview Page as well. There’s also a comparison chart and solutions guide to check out.

These AV HDMI cables are already on the market. But we’re not done. Be on the lookout for new Performance Series options, including active optical cables that can dramatically increase the range of signal up to 1,000 feet (304.8m) without degradation. There’s more up our sleeves we don’t want to spoil just yet, but we’ll be sure to let you know when the time is right. 

Not sure which cables are right for your design? We can help with that! Our Solutions Team is available to help you create a design with the right cables to meet the application. We do that for free. Yes. Free. Contact Legrand | AV’s Solutions Team by reaching out to your territory sales manager, or you can fill out this simple form.

Want to learn more about C2G's AV solutions? Take a look at the video below.