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Why Work with Legrand | AV? Part 1

Posted on 4/9/2019 7:00:00 PM by Legrand AV Division Team

Here at Legrand | AV we strive every day to create amazing audiovisual experiences with our integration partners. You don’t have to take our word for it, though. We asked Robert Gag, CEO of audiovisual integrator Tierney, about the Legrand | AV difference. Hear what he had to say in our short video interview, or read the transcript below.




“I'm Robert Gag, the CEO of Tierney. We are located in Saint Paul, Minnesota. We are an AV reseller and we are a huge tech integrator in the K-12 space.

The experience working with Legrand – it's clearly different from start to finish, and I'm just going to give you some examples.

We've had incredible reps and they've come from every product category: Chief, Vaddio, Da-Lite. The consistency has been, they've been so interested in our business and they thoroughly understand our business. It's just consistent. It's just the best.

The other thing that I think is just amazing that sets Legrand apart is they are always looking at how they can do something better. And so we've seen that they've come to our installers and asked our installers for their feedback on certain mounts, and how great is it, actually, when you're that installer, six months later and, actually, some of that feedback you gave is now used on a new product that Legrand is bringing to market. Talking to the right people, that's what they do, and they actually listen and they make those changes.

It's been extremely fun to see the growth that we have seen from Legrand | AV and, when you see that growth, it's the same leaders that are continuing doing the amazing things that they’re doing. The way they've set it up, they have, you know, they have people from each of your categories that truly understand the product that are going to be able to help throughout our team and that's going to be really helpful.

You know, so many of the companies that we work with that have multiple platforms of products, what ended up happening is it just becomes confusing. I think what they've done, now, over the last six months, the go-to-market strategy is just awesome and some of the largest projects that we've ever had, you know, the million plus projects, there's one thing that you can guarantee is that it's going to have Legrand | AV products. Why? It's because we have to have things work, we need to have quality, we need to have the product in time. That's what you are going to get with Legrand | AV.”