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Work from Home is Here to Stay, Get Ready to Transform Your Office with Legrand | AV

Posted on 11/25/2020 12:00:00 AM by Legrand AV Team

Before COVID-19 only 7% of the American workforce claimed to work from home*. As companies like Twitter** declare permanent office closures and leaders like Google*** extend remote work well into 2021, it is becoming increasingly clear: Working from home is here to stay.

Whether this is a change you’re celebrating or dreading, upgrading your home office can make the transition feel smoother by increasing your comfort and productivity. Monitor arms, desktop power, docking stations, cables and home WiFi upgrades are all a vital part of the modern work from home experience, and Legrand | AV is here to help. Read on for some tips on transforming your home workspace into a long-term office.

Connect Remotely with a Crisp Audio Video Setup

At this point, many employees have been working remotely for months. You’re remembering to unmute your audio, you know just what you want to say, it’s your turn to speak… and everyone’s face cringes as your speech is overtaken by horrible crackling. No amount of experience is going to fix this, and clean audio is critical for seamless collaboration.

Even a simple upgrade like an external microphone can do wonders for your team, allowing you to collaborate without distraction or interference.



But audio is just one part of the equation, video is equally important. We know it’s scary; unflattering angles, lack of a solid light source, and poor quality can make employees feel self-conscious and want to retreat to the safety of an audio-only call. But most companies are discovering the importance of a team that can see each other. A group that collaborates via video conferencing tend to stay engaged, be more productive, and run into fewer communication issues, after all, it’s been said that over 80% of communication is non-verbal. Video is even more important when you’re in a customer-facing role. Body language is vital when establishing and maintaining relationships, a well-lit friendly face is much easier to relate to than a talking professional photograph. Clear video is a comforting sight for any customer, no matter the field.

So, what can you do when your webcam just won’t cut it? Like with audio issues, no amount of time or experience is going to solve the problem, it’s time to upgrade. A PTZ camera can account for poor lighting and even be programmed to follow you around in multiple locations of the room, perfect for presenting visual aids and impressing your teammates.

Solving for both audio and visual issues is made easy thanks to solutions like the Vaddio ConferenceSHOT™ AV Bundle, with plug and play simplicity that includes a camera, microphone, and HDMI Audio enabler to connect you with the rest of your team and to your customers.

Create A Functional Workspace

As employees settle into long term work from home routines and systems, one of the most popular upgrades is a dual monitor setup. Multiple monitors can increase productivity, allowing employees to multi-task with ease. As calendars fill up with virtual meetings that are easy to forget, a secondary monitor keeping an eye on your inbox can be a lifesaver. While it sounds good in theory, you may be scared of the mess of wires multiple monitors would create, but don’t run off just yet. You can avoid clutter with the space-saving monitor arms like the Chief Kontour™ Series. We all have different space limitations in our work from home space. Kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and closets have been converted into home offices. Make the space you need with the Chief Kontour™ Series.
Ok, you have the space, but won’t multiple monitors lead to a jumble of wires? Not the case when you use a C2G Dual Display Docking Station Kit which replaces multiple hook-ups like power, internet, monitors and more with one simple cable. It allows you to focus less on logistics, and more on productivity and staying focused. We’ve all needed a change of scenery to get the creative juices flowing, and multiple docking stations can let you move around your home or office without worrying about navigating a mess of wires.

Of course, in many cases, home offices are makeshift, and don’t account for posture and comfort. Items like the Chief Mini Keyboard and Mouse Tray can improve ergonomics by tilting the keyboard away from the user, putting the user’s hands in a more natural position, creating a comfortable workspace that avoids hand and wrist fatigue.

Connecting remotely is just one of the many emerging trends in the AV industry, be sure to download our new Trends Look Book to see where AV is headed, and how Legrand | AV can help. If you need assistance with your work from home setup, you can view more resources here.

* According to a COVID-19 Employee Pulse Survey by Willis Towers Watson