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All-in-One Control Box

Control Options
Controlling a projection screen has never been this easy! Get complete control when you pair the All-In-One Control Box with a motorized projection screen. This new accessory can be combined with motorized projection screens without a built-in RF receiver and offers the following options:
• Relay (dry-contact)
• RF (radiofrequency) control
• IR (infrared) control
• Manual Switch on the box
• 12 volt trigger

Relay (dry-contact)
Use the relay dry contact points in the control box to connect the screen to be operated with a third party control system. A control system includes the projection screen into the full room AV control.

RF (radiofrequency) control
Control the projection screen via a radio frequency remote control. The remote control unit operates on frequency 433.92 MHz. RF has an effective range up to 30 meters, depending on the local environment.

IR (infrared)
Control the projection screen via an infrared remote control. For infrared control a direct line of sight with the control box is needed. IR can be a solution for environments with restricted RF access. Infrared has an effective range up to 8 meters.

Manual Switch
On the side of the control box you can find three buttons to control the projection screen directly. This additional control method function as a back-up to ensure the screen can still be operated even when connected control options fail.

12 volt DC trigger
Connect the 12 volt trigger option to any 12 volt output to trigger the projection screen. The 12 volt can be from a projector 12 volt trigger output or from an AV control system.

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