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Emerging Trends in the AV Industry

Posted on 10/12/2020 7:00:00 PM by Legrand AV Team

When presented with challenges, the public is quick to adapt. That theory has been tested and proven in the past few months, especially in the workplace and at schools, where people have proven to be more resilient than ever.

A majority of the workforce is telecommuting and meeting via video conferencing. Students of all ages are learning online, and AV technology has paved the way in helping individuals get through it all. The challenges of 2020 have resulted in several emerging trends: connecting virtually, installation efficiencies, remote management and AV-assisted social distancing.

Legrand | AV is here to guide you through this shift with our new Trends Look Book, available for download here. This piece examines how these four emerging trends can be applied to remote conferencing, hybrid learning, remote teams, and digital signage. Read on for a brief overview of these trends, and be sure to download the look book for the full story.

Connecting Virtually

As we start developing back-to-work and back-to-school plans, one thing’s for sure: Upgrading and adding AV equipment for live streaming, recording and video conferencing will be essential in adjusting to a new way of doing things.

According to a COVID-19 Employee Pulse Survey by Willis Towers Watson, before the emergence of COVID-19, 7 percent of full-time employees in America worked from home. With the onset of the pandemic, that number has reached over 50 percent and is expected to lower to 22 percent once COVID-19 has passed, tripling the number of remote workers pre-2020.

And the office isn’t the only place to connect virtually. Schools will be using a hybrid learning approach for the foreseeable future; in fact, remote learning will be essential in our new normal. Houses of worship are connecting with their congregations by live streaming and recording services. Doctors are seeing patients via telemedicine solutions. Virtual courtrooms are now in session too.

Any way you look at it, connecting virtually is here to stay.

Illustration of two conference rooms.

Installation Efficiencies

AV products that are engineered for easy, hassle-free installation have always been in demand. Why is it different today? Requiring fewer installers, saving time, reducing the chance for re-do’s and call-backs – all help minimize risk of exposure for both integrators and on-site staff. What was simply a convenience before has now become a safety necessity, and the need for efficient installation is not going to go away.

Our look book introduces products that are designed to streamline installations with smart innovations that work hard so you don’t have to, including mobile live streaming carts, Chief Tempo Flat Panel Floor Support Systems, and more.

Remote Management

Equipment that’s designed with remote management capabilities allows your team to support equipment from a central location – without physically walking or driving to the actual space. It’s convenient, saves time and labor, and eliminates non-critical presence in workspaces, which is more important than ever.

It’s no secret. Digital devices will freeze and in this era, uptime is more critical than ever. Depend on remote management tools for AV now and beyond COVID-19.

AV-Assisted Social Distancing

Probably the best example of AV-assisted social distancing is using large format projector screens to convert a gymnasium or cafeteria into a room that accommodates many people, yet gives them enough room for proper social distancing. In addition, certain AV technologies such as sensors and automated triggers help reduce shared touched surfaces, while maximizing the AV experience. In retail spaces and office buildings, digital signage works as an important tool for sharing social distancing reminders and enforcing important health protocols.

Whether it’s digital signage, video conferencing, live streaming, hybrid learning – Legrand | AV is committed to making the AV experience even better with solutions that keep people connected. Explore more AV solutions at and be sure to check out our new Trends Look Book here.