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Getting the Smaller Classrooms to the Big Leagues

Posted on 12/29/2021 12:00:00 AM by Legrand AV Team

Even tight learning spaces can gain superior flexibility to handle shifting needs that arise from hour to hour. Better yet, the brands of Legrand | AV have some super slick storage options that keep equipment out of the way but still available in the room for easy access and servicing.  

This learning solution is designed to maximize the use of small spaces with flexible tools that support remote learning, lecture capture, streaming and video conferencing. Motion based auto-tracking cameras allow the instructor to make maximum use of the space while still staying in frame for excellent results.  

A wall mount for a display or interactive flat panel along with a short throw projector mount and interactive projection screen that acts as a white board create an amazingly collaborative space that students in the room can use and remote students can easily follow along. 


See Diagram 

As AV technology has gotten smaller over the years, integrators have found it increasingly easier to keep that equipment in the room where it is used, both for ease of access and servicing and eliminating possible confusion when determining what room specific equipment in a storage closet is serving.  

To meet that changing standard, the brands of Legrand | AV have developed furniture like lecterns that can safely conceal and keep equipment safe. Small devices can easily sit behind displays on a storage panel or in an in-wall storage box.  

For shared spaces, be sure to add a dongle adapter ring so that no matter what device the instructor brings, they’ll be able to plug in and start the lesson.  

Here’s a tip: This easily repeatable setup works across a variety of small spaces, including small offices or meeting spaces to create simple teaching studios or communications hubs. Don’t let our definitions keep you from getting creative with this small powerhouse of a design.  

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