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Tomorrow's Classroom Is Available Now to Provide Flexible Live Streaming Capabilities

Posted on 12/29/2021 12:00:00 AM by Legrand AV Team

Classroom technology coordinators are already stretched working to keep educational spaces up and running, easy to use, and responsive to the continuing challenges of the modern classroom. What’s more, they are looking for how to modify classrooms for the future of education – classrooms that do more than react to needs or provide a setting for just one style of learning, but that provide the flexibility to seamlessly switch between types of learning styles.  

The future of education, both in K-12 and higher ed, includes creating spaces that can change by the hour to provide everything needed for hybrid, hyflex, distance or in-person learning requirements. Better yet – these spaces should be able to do so largely without tech assistance. 

Medium Classroom Solution

See Diagram

The medium classroom diagram is a great place to start. A multi-camera setup gives instructors the ability to present from different locations in the room without being tethered to a single whiteboard or desk location.  

They can even be recording and live streaming directly to many lecture capture platforms with no computer required!  

Classroom Cameras and More!

Classroom cameras like the RoboSHOT 12E HDBT from Vaddio along with ceiling mics and speakers optimize the room for multiple live streaming configurations. This diagram also invites use of multiple content sharing options via a display or interactive flat panel and an interactive whiteboard. When splitting the class to do small group work, this comes in extremely handy. Along with all these devices, you’ll have plenty of storage options to keep equipment on location and easy to service in the lectern, above the ceiling in the projector mount, and behind the display.  

Here’s a tip: Finally, education institutions are looking for standardization and remote management to ensure instructors able to present from any room without a learning curve and to allow tech assistants to troubleshoot issues without wasting time traversing across large campuses. So not only is this room capable of switching to different learning styles every hour, it keeps classes humming along without having to wait for tech support to arrive.  

Sounds pretty smart to us! 

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