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How to Go the Distance with Distance Learning

Posted on 8/12/2019 7:00:00 PM by Legrand AV Team

Online distance learning programs have grown in popularity as higher-resolution video technologies became more affordable and educators saw the benefits.

One of the benefits? Being able to reach a wider audience. As these courses grow in popularity, we see increased need for dedicated spaces for distance learning programs.

Once upon a time, live interaction wasn’t always feasible, so pre-recorded lectures were the norm. However, that has since changed.

New technology used for distance and online learning allows for live interaction between local and remote students and educators. Pre-programmed camera triggers and an automated camera tracking system make it easier for educators to teach without worrying about what students can see on their screens. Both allow for the camera to be self-operated instead of requiring another person to be present to record the lecture.

Instructor at the front of a classroom with several carts showing a presentation. 


Since some students are remote, it is important to configure classrooms so local students can still interact with them. Typically, local students will sit around a table that faces toward the video display. Every student can then see each other and work together on assignments in real time through video cameras and document sharing apps.

A large consideration when identifying technology for distance learning rooms is ease of adoption. The equipment should be intuitive and easy to plug and play. Instructors have too much on their plates to spend large portions of class time trying to figure out how to make the AV equipment work. Finding systems that work with all major cloud-based conferencing applications, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams and others, will keep class on schedule.

An illustration of a distance learning room with Legrand | AV products noted.

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