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Maximize Image Quality (and ROI) with Projection

Posted on 8/25/2019 7:00:00 PM by Da-Lite Team

Every type of display technology has special concerns: Glare from flat panels diminish image quality in high ambient light areas, LED panels are costly and heavy. Two-piece projection has its own unique considerations; however, there are easy ways to maximize image quality. We’ll cover a few as we continue exploring how to correctly pair projectors and projection screens. If you missed part one, you can find it here.


In projection, tension plays a very important and positive role in producing the best image possible. A tensioned screen will keep the projection surface under constant vertical and horizontal tensioning for a perfectly flat viewing area. The new TruGuide™ Electric Screen Tensioning System will keep the surface flat and prevents waves, edge-curling and ripples that allow pixels to disappear and degrade image quality.

Image with close up of tensioned cables and RF welded tabs on a screen.

The TruGuide System features tensioned cables supported by RF-welded tabs for premium durability.
Tensioned high-resolution electric screens provide the flattest surfaces possible for clearly projected images.

Controlling Color & Brightness

Improperly paired projectors and screens can also sometimes introduce artifacts into an image. Two such examples are hotspots and color shifts. Hotspots occur when images are brighter in the middle of the screen than at the sides. This usually occurs when the gain of the screen, the amount of light projected off the screen to the viewer, isn’t well-matched to the projector. Color shifts, when colors look different depending on where the viewer is seated, happen for similar reasons.

Da-Lite high-resolution surfaces, like HD Progressive, ensure an even distribution of projected light for ideal image uniformity. The projected light will look evenly bright on any area of the projection screen to create a well-illuminated and detailed image for the audience. Da-Lite surfaces are also tested and color measured to preserve the true color of the projector.

Demonstration of how a hotspot can create difficult viewing.

On the left: example of a “hotspot,” created when projector brightness and screen gain aren’t paired correctly.

Important Intangibles

Complete happiness with image quality sometimes comes with a bit of sticker shock. We often forget that price includes essential services beyond the screen itself, like assurances in long-term support and contributing to healthier work and living spaces.

Da-Lite offers standard, five-year warranty coverage for our premium products to keep you confident in your purchase. One-on-one service and support from knowledgeable Customer Care personnel, who draw on over a century of industry experience, is available by phone, e-mail or live chat.

5 year warranty logo 

Every year, more emphasis is placed on standards and certifications that contribute to healthier, more ergonomic and environmentally-conscious commercial and residential spaces. Da-Lite surfaces are GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD Gold certified. These certifications mean clean, comfortable indoor air quality where our screens are installed. Most screens are also eligible for the Da-Lite Screen Green® program that allow customers to send in old surfaces to be recycled, keeping them out of landfills and contributing to a healthier planet.

Need to learn more about exactly which screen surface is a perfect match for your projector, room or application? Customizing a screen? Need to talk with an expert? We’ve collected some handy guides and customer care information, available for download online.