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The Basics of NDI® Technology for Next Generation Multi-Camera IP Video Production

Posted on 10/22/2019 7:00:00 PM by Vaddio Team

New IP innovations such as NDI® (Network Device Interface) technology are shifting the way the video production industry works. Developed by NewTek and introduced to the market in 2016, NDI is a royalty-free software that allows video systems to automatically detect and communicate with one another over IP, enabling video workflows across standard Ethernet networks. NDI makes it extremely easy to share broadcast-quality video in a live production environment.

In a traditional SDI setup with multiple cameras in multiple studios, each camera is directly connected to a mixer and must be reconnected if you want to use it in another location. With an NDI setup, you can access any NDI-enabled camera or device in any facility that is connected to your network and automatically see it as a source.

Each NDI source is instantly available to many viewers and devices, much like a webpage. No matter where your network extends – throughout your broadcast studio, church, hospital, meeting room or university, NDI is ready for immediate display, capture, replay and production.

NDI is ideal for high-end broadcasting, but it’s also great for anyone who wants to produce a show or live stream video of their group, organization or team to applications such as Google+ Hangouts, Hangouts On Air, YouTube Live, Skype and many others. Any NDI-enabled PTZ camera, production switcher, or capture system can see and access content from all other NDI devices, allowing you to use more sources than ever for your live production.

Vaddio’s RoboSHOT 30E NDI Camera offers a low latency, high performance solution in the NDI ecosystem. The RoboSHOT 30E NDI Camera is a recognizable video source by other NDI-enabled applications and devices connected to a standard local area network. In addition, the camera’s pan/tilt/zoom and other controls can be accessed through NDI, creating a complete IP workflow for operator control.

“By creating an NDI-capable camera based on our RoboSHOT Elite cameras, our customers will have the ability to create complete IP workflows for classrooms, houses of worship, medical simulation labs, and other applications requiring capture and presentation of high quality video content,” said Darrin Thurston, Vice President of Product Development at Vaddio. “NewTek’s NDI technology complements Vaddio’s product philosophy of being simple to install and operate for our customers.”

“The video world has moved to computers, software, and networks. NDI-enabled RoboSHOT 30E cameras are far more powerful and easy to use than ever before because they can now be deployed as an IP camera on a customer’s existing network, without the need for any new infrastructure,” said Michael Kornet, Vice President and General Manager of NDI for NewTek. “This increases the video sources available for live production, creating efficiencies and opportunities for customers that did not previously exist.”

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