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Meet Patrick

Posted on 4/4/2018 7:00:00 PM by Chief Team

Patrick May
Strategic Accounts Manager for the Technology Solutions Group

Describe the work you do.
I do a lot of work with our original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers as well as projects for specific products and end customers. We focus on connecting the different partners we have and putting together end to end signage solutions. I work to position products with direct purchasers.

What drew you to this work?
I was working with digital signage before Chief. I was a product marketing manager for Dell large format displays and helped to develop their first line of Commercial Displays. I also worked closely with many of the 3rd party Large Format Display manufacturers that I still work with today.

What are the challenges of the job?
One of the earlier challenges that we had was to have the conversation with customers around proper product positioning. We offer a premium product, a commercial product, so they know they can go and get a cheaper product, but that isn’t necessarily the right product. We want them to focus on getting the right products for commercial displays that include 24/7 capabilities as well as the Commercial mounting solutions that we sell. The focus here on liability as well as safety regulations is key when operating in a commercial environment.

What are the rewards?
It’s a fun job, and I love what I do. I like to have a lot of experiences with end users, OEMs and internal product teams. I get a ton of education and exposure to new products on the side and I can funnel back to our team to make our products better.

For example, a customer came to us with product need to move to digital posters. They needed an enclosure. We got to work with Chief and Middle Atlantic to create the Impact On-Wall Kiosk. That’s a result of the collaboration that can’t happen with just the account manager. The reality is when you get everyone together and they are communicating well, great things happen. This Impact Series project went at an accelerated pace and we were able to meet the customer’s needs with an exceptional product.

What interests you about digital signage?
Before working in monitors, I was a solutions architect. I’ve always had a hand in technology, but I wanted to do something different than sitting behind a keyboard. I like to be able to see my work out in the world. I also very much enjoy continuing to work on end-to-end solutions, from the design of the signage architecture through to seeing the final product, it is very satisfying.

What is a common misconception about digital signage you often have to correct?
One of the more common misconceptions customers have, when looking at moving into digital signage, is to focus on what kind of display to use. Customers lead with that – but one of the more difficult things to understand is the need to be concerned with the content. The content is what will actually end up reaching your target audience and providing the extension of your brand or messaging.

Conversations with the customer should focus back on the content. It’s the content that displays the brand. The content is the sales person after the store is closed. It’s always there and always on.

You also need to make sure you bring the key stakeholders into the initial meeting – human resources, marketing, and whoever will be using it and creating new content. Those are the people you need to get the buy in to have a successful project. That’s when you can have a clean and easy conversation.


What trends are you seeing in 2018?
I’m seeing more digital signage in general. We’ll start seeing more direct LED displays and more interactive signage. I also think we’ll see a resurgence of different technologies like laser projectors, projection mapping, floor space use in digital signage. Floor space is a great one for capturing attention these days when everyone is walking around looking down at their cell phones.

What personality traits work well with what you do?
The things that work best for me are being responsive and to listen to what customers have to say before responding. Availability is also key. I’m always responding in seconds and making myself available at any time.

Do you have other hobbies or interests?
Cars and music are what I do outside of work. I enjoy listening to a large variety of music from Rock to Folk and American Singer/Songwriter. It’s easy to combine this with my other passion, which is pretty much anything to do with the Automobile. Form working on my cars, to restoring old vehicles, to racing on the weekends you will pretty much always find me under the hood, in the garage, or out driving when I’m not working.

Where did you grow up?
Austin, Texas. The best city in the world!

Where do you go in Austin for the best food?
You go to Torchy’s Tacos.

What is your favorite non-dirty curse word?