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QMotion Offers Market’s Tallest Battery-Powered Shades

Posted on 2/17/2019 6:00:00 PM by Legrand AV Division Team

Growing preferences for open concept designs that increase a home’s access to natural daylight and views are driving the demand for shading systems. And as the large window trend continues in the residential market, homeowners have found their larger windows have, quite literally, outgrown the available motorized shading offerings. That’s why Legrand, North & Central America is expanding its residential shading offering with taller Qadvanced shades from QMotion. Formerly available in 12x12 and now as large as 12x15 sizes, this solution brings the industry’s narrowest and tallest battery-powered shades to market.

“Exposure to daylight can kickstart our internal circadian rhythm and regulate health and wellbeing. As we spend on average almost 80 percent of our time indoors, automated shading allows homeowners to easily control and make the most of natural light,” said Ben Kutell, Product Manager, Legrand Shading Systems. “With the expansion of our Qadvanced shades – now with taller sizes, we are providing more options and solutions that help make automated shading easy for all homeowners to take advantage of.”

Shading systems help control light, heat, and glare and help cut down on energy costs. Motorized shading solutions give homeowners much-needed level of control by providing them the ability to set and change shading levels using either a remote control or by programming the shades to lower and raise based on time of day and preferences.

The new Taller Shades come with the same clean, sleek aesthetic as all Legrand shading solutions. It can be easily integrated into any space without the need to hide external battery packs or support drivers providing flexibility for wired and wireless design.

Taller Shades are available for all current QMotion motorized shades, fabric dependent, for Gen3, Zigbee and QIS hardwired shades.