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Learning from Home – a Student's Workspace

Posted on 5/6/2020 7:00:00 PM by Legrand AV Team

Distance learning isn’t anything new. For years, people have enjoyed the benefits of remotely attending higher education classes held onsite at a campus located hundreds or even thousands of miles away. Now, amid today's threat of the coronavirus, K-12 districts are joining the remote learning ranks, quickly needing to create an at-home learning environment. This presents an even newer challenge: parents are also working or learning at home; everyone in the house needs a space to work and learn.

Although this is a temporary setup, a separate learning space will keep the student focused and create a better learning environment. Not only does the student need the space, we as professionals may also be continuing our education to pass the time and take this situation as an opportunity to pick up some classes.

A school-aged boy is working on a lesson at his computer in his home.

Remote learning has become the new normal, we want to all make the switch as easily and smooth as possible, but we all may not know what we need to create the best space. With so many people in the same location having to connect digitally, it may get hectic. We want to help, Legrand | AV has multiple solutions that can help optimize the learning space.

Let’s explore some options for an easy ‘learning from home’ workspace:

C2G Dual Display Docking Stations

  • A dual display docking station allows learners to expand beyond just the laptop screen so they can view a video call, assignments, messages and more at one time across multiple monitors.

C2G USB-C Hubs

  • Sometimes a laptop keyboard and mouse can be tricky to maneuver, especially for school aged kids. Using a USB-C Hub will make it easy to connect those old keyboards and mice with USB-A connectors to newer devices.

C2G Power Adapters

  • Now is not the time for your kids’ device to run out of power. C2G offers adapters to make it easy to connect old to new devices or devices with varying ports.

Chief Kontour Dual Monitor Arms

  • Enhance your home learning space with the flexibility to position two monitors at the same time to create a more productive and comfortable space for everyone at home.

Wiremold Desktop Power Centers

  • Easy to install power, mounts directly to desktop surfaces and includes 2 outlets with USB-A + USB-C. Allows for some flexibility to be able to extend your power and connect multiple types of devices.

At Legrand | AV, we are dedicated to keeping people connected no matter where they are. If you have any video conferencing or live streaming or connectivity questions, our solutions engineers are ready to help. Email us at with the details of your project. For more of the latest COVID-19 information, please access the FAQs at