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C2G Performance Series HDMI Cables

360 Overview

Delivering Ultimate Performance for AV Installs

HDMI® is the most popular audio/video connection in commercial environments. Carrying both uncompressed audio and video at resolutions up to 4K, HDMI serves as a versatile platform for designing commercial audio video systems. The C2G product portfolio includes Performance Series HDMI Cables that are a must have in all installations from the board room to the classroom.

C2G Performance Series HDMI cables are designed, manufactured, and tested to deliver ultimate performance. With the support of the Legrand | AV brands and 30+ year history in the AV space, these cables provide features that make them an ideal solution for commercial AV installations in Corporate, Government, Healthcare, Higher Education and K-12 school applications.



Learn more about the four key reasons you need C2G Performance Cables for your next project.


Designed To Be Better 



100% Tested

100% of these cables are tested at the production line to ensure that it meets our standards - providing the peace of mind that it will perform as expected in the field. 


Rated Cable Jackets

Each cable jacket is rated to the highest standard required for the installation location—reducing the time and complexity required to select the right cable. The CMG/FT4-rated jacket meets the highest standard required for in-wall installation, increasing the flexibility of where these cables can be installed. A ¼ inch (6.5mm) minimum bend radius makes these cables perfect for installations in a tight space or high-density environment—like those commonly found in an AV rack.


Gripping Connectors

Available in lengths from 1-10 feet, these cables are perfectly suited for short connections between devices. All C2G Performance Series Cables are backed by a lifetime warranty providing the peace of mind.


Commercial Grade Connectors

The connectors feature a compact overmolding with integrated finger grips on all sides for easy insertion and removal. The gold plated connectors on the cable allow for better shielding, increased electrical conductivity, and durability. Additionally, the gripping connector shell provides two times the port retention of a standard connector reducing the chances of an accidental disconnect.


Cable Series Highlights 


Ultra Flexible HDMI Cables


The C2G Performance Series Ultra Flexible HDMI Cables are the ideal solution for in-rack, in-wall, or short connections on a conference room table or lectern. The CMG/FT4-rated jacket meets the highest standard required for in-wall installation and the ¼ inch (6.5mm) minimum bend radius makes these cables perfect for installations in any tight space or high-density environment.


Premium Certified HDMI Cables


Premium High Speed HDMI Cables support all HDMI 2.0 features and have been tested to conform with the Premium HDMI Cable Certification Program for highest performance and ultra-reliability. 


Standard and High Speed HDMI Cables


Standard and High Speed HDMI Cables are designed and tested to meet high performance and reliability.