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How to Maximize Multipurpose Spaces for K-12 and Higher Education

Posted on 3/30/2021 7:00:00 PM by Da-Lite Team

Education spaces are slowly returning to in-person, either through hybrid learning or, as educators and staff are vaccinated, mostly in-person. Yet we’ve spent a pandemic practicing social distancing. It’s going to take a long time for people to feel comfortable sharing public spaces without the ability to maintain distances from others, even with a vaccine.

Schools are turning to large spaces in their facilities to help ease pressure on classrooms not built for keeping students and instructors 6 feet (1.8 m) apart. When it comes to large space AV, there’s nothing that can beat a projection screen for optimal experience to view content from anywhere in the room. We’ve got several great examples for adding projection to multipurpose spaces that will get the most out of any room, no matter how large.


The enhanced Fast-Fold® Deluxe Screen System provides the benefits of temporary staging applications to a space that may need to serve several purposes in a week. Simple set-up and tear-down keeps your staff from spending too much time in a particular space, especially when it needs to be turned around quickly for the next event.

The screen is also available with HD Rental, a foldable and optically enhanced surface for high-definition AV experiences wherever you need them.

Library with a projection screen

Cafetoriums and Student Unions

Cafeterias are the most common space that can be converted into a dual-purpose room when not in use for lunchtime. Outfit a room with Tensioned Advantage® Ceiling recessed electric screens that can recede when not in use. The case is designed with ceiling trim in place to eliminate any need to complete additional trim work once the screen in installed.

Two-stage installation allows you to space out installing the screen case and the screen surface assembly if needed. Sliding installation brackets attach the screen housing to the structure above the drop ceiling for a clean aesthetic.

Need a less permanent solution that travels to where you need it in the school? We got it. The Heavy Duty Fast-Fold Deluxe Screen System has a heavier, thick frame system for a more durable design. It features easy release latches on the frame for efficient set-up and tear-down in cafeterias, gymnasiums, auditoriums and student unions.


Large Classrooms

Upgrade large classrooms to allow for more social distancing while maintaining ability to see projected information from way back. We like the Tensioned Cosmopolitan®, a budget conscious ceiling- or wall-mounted electric screen. The two-piece aluminum case provides space for screens over 12-feet wide!

Classroom with projection


Large open spaces like atriums are often designed for aesthetics. Wireline™ Advantage® is designed to preserve that elegance by using thin steel cables up to 29’ (8.8 m) for variable vertical height, instead of black drop to lower the screen for comfortable viewing. Simple in-ceiling installation with sliding brackets and ceiling trim built into the housing make this great looking solution also easy to attach to structures above drop ceilings.

Tensioned Advantage ceiling recessed electric screens work as well in atriums as they do cafetoriums. Consider this option for an easy addition to atrium spaces that can recess when not in use. Even beyond the current needs for the pandemic, such solutions would be great for projecting the latest college athletic events, digital signage uses, or just displaying visual art for techoration.

Atrium with projection screen

We’re in the home stretch, y’all. Hang tight, hang in there, and hang some projection screens. We’ve all become experts in using what you have to continue providing education, and we look forward to seeing what you do with these screens.

Feel free to download our Maximizing Multipurpose Spaces Brochure.