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Huddling in Education – Not Just a Sports Thing

Posted on 8/19/2019 7:00:00 PM by Legrand AV Team

Huddle spaces have already gained popularity in the business environment and are beginning to make their way into the world of active learning spaces. This makes a lot of sense since the rise in huddle spaces is connected to the Millennial generation entering the workforce. The current generation of students expects even more collaborative, social tools to be used in schools.

With the increased emphasis on collaboration in learning, dedicated huddle spaces are popping up on campuses. Students need places to gather, share presentations on a screen, or even have remote group members able to videoconference in to a gathering via laptop.

Huddle spaces are often found in libraries, student centers, residence halls, study spaces and other common areas depending on the campus.

Beyond group work outside of class, huddle spaces are also handy for tutoring sessions, faculty-student meetings or just study group space.

Huddle space design for education isn’t much different than corporate spaces. Often, the space centers around a single table with a display and connections for network activity. Typically, the huddle space includes a screen, camera and microphone. The smaller footprint needed for a huddle space means they are more cost efficient compared to traditional videoconferencing spaces.

AV solutions make collaboration easy for all students. Legrand | AV has the proper equipment and huddle space furniture to ensure a productive working environment. Middle Atlantic’s Hub is a technology-ready, all-in-one furniture solution for collaboration spaces. Vaddio’s HuddleSHOT includes an ultra-wide field of view camera, speakers and microphone in one item.

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