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Entertainment AV Solutions

Enlighten and entertain with solutions from Legrand | AV

Today’s leading entertainment venues use AV technology to create truly immersive experiences. Discover how Legrand | AV supports the entertainment industry with a wide array of innovative AV equipment and technology solutions.

Live Event Production

It takes a larger than life image to make every seat the best seat in the house. The art of image magnification (IMAG) projection allows large venues to display close-ups of performers or speakers on a large screen or via direct view LED video walls. Which brings us to the first critical decision – displays or screens. Legrand | AV can help with both. Chief offers unique mounting solutions for stadium and large venue digital signage applications, including a robust line of direct view LED video wall mounts in our TiLED Series and structural column solutions in the Column Mount Adapter Series.

For large venue projection solutions in fine arts centers, theaters and convention centers, Chief’s world-class projector mounts and accessories speed up installation times while providing end users with flexibility and ease of use.

Da-Lite’s Wireline™ Advantage Screens, Parallax® ALR surfaces and Chief Projector Mounts steal the show. Here’s why. Wireline screens use thin steel cables instead of black drop to lower the screen to an appropriate viewing height, allowing architecture, environment and other details to still be in view.

Lace and grommet screens from Da-Lite are also an excellent choice for large venues because they come in larger sizes. The Series 300 Lace and Grommet Frame works with any of Da-Lite's vinyl front projection surfaces in sizes up to 90 feet wide and rear projection surfaces up to 40 feet wide. This screen is also available with a curved frame for large venue, digital edge blending and simulation applications. The Da-Lite Design Center is available for assistance with screen customizations including large-scale installations.

Pair your display or screen with Vaddio PTZ cameras and switchers for effortless first-rate production with minimal training. The AV Bridge MatrixMIX switcher provides switching, advanced camera control, streaming and graphics mixing capabilities – all from a single solution. When combined with the TeleTouch MultiViewer, the operator simply touches the screen to select which camera scene to use and it goes live.

Live event production using Da-Lite Fast-Fold Deluxe

Digital Signage

The iconic movie poster has seriously evolved as digital signage and wayfinding applications have become the new gold standard in top tier entertainment facilities. Whether you’re advertising upcoming shows with digital signage, showing hockey games on video walls, or using digital signage as wayfinding tools to help visitors find their way around a casino, museum or convention center, digital signage technology is a must for the entertainment industry. Chief, Da-Lite and Middle Atlantic brands provide a wide selection of digital signage solutions to create amazing AV experiences. Learn more.

Digital Signage

Live Streaming and Recording

Many live productions and corporate events are recorded and/or live streamed.

With Vaddio’s AV Bridge Mini HD Audio/Video Encoder, you can bridge any high definition HDMI and audio source into soft conferencing applications such as Skype for Business, Zoom and WebEx through its powerful USB 3.0 interface. Creating production-quality live streams on platforms like YouTube Live, UStream, LiveStream and Panopto has never been easier with the AV Bridge Mini’s flexible RTMP capabilities.

Motivational speaker at corporate event

Rental and Staging

The portable Fast-Fold Deluxe Screen System from Da-Lite is designed for simple, user-friendly set-up and tear-down, with no tools to lose, and features that enhance durability and aesthetics. RoboSHOT 40 UHD cameras from Vaddio are lightweight, easy to move and since they’re robotic cameras, you can cover much more ground with fewer operators to get more footage. Chief’s tool-less Portable Flat Panel Stand is designed for fast set up and tear down and folds up for easy transport and storage.

Large Da-Lite Fast-Fold Deluxe portable screen

Equipment Racks

Middle Atlantic racks and enclosures provide the “frame” to support electronic equipment, power, cable management and cooling to promote airflow to maintain a healthy temperature for the gear.

Middle Atlantic Equipment rack

Workspaces and Offices

For administrative offices, look to Middle Atlantic for conference tables such as the T5 Series, and the C5 Series Credenza – the credenza built around the rack you trust. With Chief’s wide selection of monitor arms for workspace displays, you’re sure to find the perfect solution for your office. Learn More.

Chief monitor arm on an office desk

Why Legrand | AV?

Purchasing Considerations for the Entertainment Industry

Because Legrand | AV offers a complete solution of AV equipment for the entertainment industry, as well as an unparalleled customer service team, you benefit from one single source for reliable, consistent support.

Chief offers a broad and complete line of mounts, power, storage and accessories for TVs, displays, projectors and other AV components to serve and support the entertainment industry. Chief’s innovative direct-view LED mounting solutions are easy to specify, order and install. Chief also offers unique mounting solutions for stadium and large venue digital signage applications. Recognized with numerous product awards and patented designs, Chief is committed to responding to industry needs with proven products and service excellence.

Middle Atlantic Products has its roots in the entertainment industry. In fact, many of its first employees were members of bands so we understand the importance of reliable products to ensure your shows go smoothly as planned. When failure is not an option, Middle Atlantic’s UPS Backup Power products help stadiums and large venues maintain uptime.

Vaddio PTZ cameras and pro AV solutions are designed to be easy to install and easy to use. Vaddio products enhance any AV experience by elevating the science of communication with The Art of Easy.

Da-Lite is the leading producer of premium projection screens globally, offering a broad range of screens, surfaces and accessories to meet all the needs of different spaces, sizes and applications. The Da-Lite Design Center assists with customizations and large-scale installations. Da-Lite stands by its products with a five-year warranty, world-class customer care and total after-sales support – providing value beyond the initial purchase.

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