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Luxul Beta Program

Welcome to the Luxul Beta Program

Thank you for your interest in beta testing Luxul products!

To begin the process of joining the Luxul Beta Program:

  1. Review the Frequently Asked Questions. If you would like to proceed…
  2. Review the Terms & Conditions. If you agree to those…
  3. Complete the new Luxul Beta Program Application

Luxul Beta Program FAQs

Q: What are the requirements to apply for the Luxul Beta Program?

ANSWER: In order to be accepted as a Luxul Beta Program participant, an individual must complete all of the following:

  1. Read and accept the terms and conditions of the program (posted to the Beta Program website)
  2. Complete the program application form
  3. Sign and return the program non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

Organizations as a whole cannot be accepted as participants in the program. If an organization wants to participate in the program, they must designate members of that organization and have them apply individually.


Q: Do I have to accept the terms and conditions and complete a NDA to participate in the program?

ANSWER: Yes, the Non-Disclosure Agreement is required to be signed and submitted before you can be accepted into the program. When you complete the application, you accept the terms and conditions set forth. If you do not accept the terms and conditions, do not apply to the program.


Q: Is everyone who applies to the program accepted? What are the requirements to be accepted in the program?

ANSWER: While Luxul welcomes many into the program, not everyone who applies will be accepted. Luxul considers multiple factors for acceptance, including the number of people currently participating in the program, the number of and diversity of Luxul products already owned by the applicants and participants, the variety of non-Luxul products in use at the testing location, and other such factors. 


Q: How long does it take to become accepted to the program?

ANSWER: Once a completed application is received, an applicant should receive word in 7-10 business days.


Q: What can a beta tester expect from Luxul?

ANSWER: Once you’ve been accepted to the program, you will receive a newsletter—approximately once per month—that includes information about current and upcoming tests and other important information about the beta program. You can expect other emails during the month when new tests begin. You can also expect emails specific to a given test, if you have been added to that test group.


Q: Once accepted, what are the expectations for test participants?

ANSWER: Beta testers should:

  • Maintain a network with a good number of both wired and wireless connected Luxul and non-Luxul products
  • Inform the beta program administrator (or email when their network configuration changes significantly from what was reported in the program application
  • Keep up on all program communications
  • Participate in most (if not all) the beta tests conducted (assuming they have the prerequisite Luxul products)
  • Complete whatever instructions are given within the timeframe for a given test (typically 4 weeks but sometimes shorter)
  • Complete a feedback form with their findings (both positive and negative)


Q: Once accepted, how will I be informed of tests to participate in?

ANSWER: Approximately monthly, a newsletter informing participants of current and estimated dates of upcoming/planned beta tests is sent out. There will also be communications sent out at the beginning of various tests. 


Q: What if an upcoming test requires Luxul (or other) hardware I don’t already have?

ANSWER: There are two types of beta tests, hardware and firmware; hardware tests include new hardware that Luxul is preparing to ship. Luxul manufactures a limited number of beta units that are sent to a selected number of active program participants. Those chosen participants will therefore have the hardware needed for that new product test as well as future firmware tests for that same product.

The second type of test is firmware testing, where a new build of firmware (software) is sent out to be tested. While the announcement for a firmware test goes to all active program participants, obviously only those who have the hardware for which the firmware was developed will be able to do the testing. If an active program participant does not have the required hardware, he or she will receive the announcement for the test and is excused from doing the testing, but it is asked that he or she still fill out the feedback form, just noting he or she did not have the product to test with. Except in unusual circumstances, Luxul will not send already shipping hardware to program participants just so they can test firmware releases.


Q: How do I report results of tests?

ANSWER: A beta feedback form will be available on the program website. If there is information that is beyond the scope of the form, a tester can also send information to, but this should not be for the initial report, just for supplemental information.


Q: If I am experiencing a problem with a beta product or beta firmware currently in testing, how do I report the problem?

ANSWER: The same beta feedback form mentioned above should also be used for reporting a problem.

Q: As a beta program participant, how do I get technical support on my other, non-beta Luxul products?

ANSWER: Beta program participants who are experiencing a problem with a product that is not currently in beta testing should call into standard Luxul technical support:

US Phone: 801-822-5450, Option 3
Canada Phone: 587-887-2327, Option 3

Schedule: Monday – Friday
Open: 9:00AM Eastern (6:00AM Pacific)
Close: 7:00PM Eastern (4:00PM Pacific)